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Our Logo’s In!!!

Hello all…

I am so excited to announce that the Traveling Black Chicks Logo is complete!!!!! Believe it or not this was a long and arduous journey.

The Talented T

We must give mad props to 16-year-old T McIntosh who designed the original concept for the Logo!! After just one brief she immediately grasped the essence of TBC and produced a completed concept for us within a week!

T's Original concept

We then shopped around for graphic designers and finally found the teams (yes it actually took more than 1). Thanks to Balajee Designs and Logo Loot who went on to create a logo that is sleek, professional and truly captures the energy and go of the Traveling Black Chicks!

A big thank you must also go to our VP of Operations C Mak for sticking with the process and sending in all the revisions way after some of us had gotten tired of it all. So without further ado we invite you to feast your eyes below or on our page background and get a load of our brand new Traveling Black Chicks Logo!

The Final Look!

Let us know what you think about our new logo. Write to us at travelingblackchicks@gmail.com, or  post a comment below.

Till then remember every journey begins with a single step so take one!


The Traveling Black Chicks is a member of the Black Chick Group of Companies. All Rights Reserved. All images are the sole property of Black Chick Group and Traveling Black Chicks and should be reproduced without expressed permission.

About Traveling Black Chick

A silent seeker. Living Loud! Fascinated with the world! Producer, Director, Writer, Traveler, Entrepreneur

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