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From Zimbabwe to Oprah: Special K Shares an inspiring journey

Hello all, I don’t know if you watch the Oprah show. I sometimes do, on Friday her show was about her favourite guests in her 25 years. she chose the story of a Zimbabwean woman called Tererai Trent as her ultimate favourite story of all time. Listening to the woman’s story I was so amazed and humbled by this woman. she was not allowed to go to school, married off at 11, by 18 had 3 kids and because she could not attend school she educated herself by reading her brother’s books.

Dr. Tererai Trent

This story is not unique there are a dime and a dozen similar stories in Zimbabwe but what makes it unique is what that woman did. Apparently there was a missionary lady that went to her village and asked her what she wanted to do. she said go to school and the woman told her simply that yes it was achievable. Her mother also told her that anything was possible…she told her to write her dreams on a piece of paper and bury them under a rock so that whenever she felt tired and was losing hope she could go and find comfort under that  rock.

Tererai says her strength came from her belief that she really could make her dreams come true. “My mother had been married when she was young, and she had looked into my eye and said, ‘If you truly believe in what this woman [from Heifer International] told you, then you can achieve your dream … I want you to be the first person in this household to break this vicious cycle of poverty. You’re not only defining yourself, but you are also defining generations that are coming from your womb,'” Tererai says. “So I knew I had a burden to carry. I knew that my mother was handing me an inheritance.

(Amazing right!). In the late 1990s armed with 5 kids and an abusive hubby she moved to the USA with next to nothing. When she left her village to fulfill her dreams, Tererai says everyone was happy for her—they even helped pay for her flight to America by selling goats, corn and chickens.  Abusive husband was deported from the States. She then got her bachelors degree in 3 years, masters in 2 years and her PhD last year.

It is Achievable- Tererai & Oprah

Keep in mind this is a woman with 5 kids and had zero education to start of with. Today, Tererai wants to give back to her village and is trying to build a school so that future generations don’t have to go through the same thing she did. Oprah has given her 1.5million bucks to go back and build a school in Zimbabwe, she has also gotten her the assistance of Save The Children organization to help with admin, teachers etc a commitment of 3yrs. The woman had zero “airs” looked so humble sitting on Oprah’s couch smiling like only our “mothers” know how to. Absolutely touching I have to say. you tube it and watch her story just in case you too need to look under a rock to be reminded of your dreams and that they are achievable…that’s what she kept repeating…its achievable. she is selling t-shirts written “Tinogona” meaning “it is achievable” to help fund the school.

Terarai's T's

You can purchase them by following clicking this image. Read Tererai’s full story here .

just wanted to share.

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