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Tough Lessons Learned lead to Great Opportunities for growth

Hi Readers,

Thank you to those of you who read, check in…want to know more. I know you are out there because I can see from the blog stats that there are views and there are those of you who come back and check in.

I have been working on this concept of the Traveling Black Chicks for a few years now and it has morphed into many different ideas and formats. Most of the morphing is being controlled by the limits of my personal resources. However I am not one to believe in allowing life’s limitations to hold back a dream and so usually when I have an idea I always try to make it happen in some fashion. Even if it’s just giving acknowledgement to the idea by writing it out.

The Traveling Black Chicks Blog is one of those BIG ideas manifested into its simplest form in order to give life and breath to something I believe in. I am a big dreamer, have actually proven that I can be a big doer when all things (resources, people, money) are in place. There-in lies my frustration.

Case in point…The IIFA Awards Weekend, I was excited, so very excited to have received accreditation to cover the awards for StarsEntertainment.com. The access to that weekend was remarkable and it was a dream come true to be that up close and personal with some of my favorite luminaries. To observe so closely their true passion and love for their work.  All good right? So where is the footage you ask? Where are the pictures? Well they are all there, however the time and resources needed to accomplish what I truly wanted to present for the awards was simply not there. Overall a remarkably frustrating process that has me a week later wondering how to present the IIFA coverage such that it is relevant after the fact. After all Toronto has been IIFA-ed out, they came, they saw, they conquered. What really can my late input say at this point that has not already been said. Thankfully I believe there is a lot more to be said even after the fact and so our IIFA footage will be seen.

The IIFA experience however has made me come to the realization that I need to extend a call. I realized painfully that the lone girl and the occasional input of a few friends on the back-end can only accomplish so much, it is not enough to grow this humble idea into what it truly could be.

So hear it is my call. The Travelin’ Black Chicks is putting out a call to help grow our idea into the beast of success that it is meant to be! There is much we can accomplish but we need a few more hands on deck. A lot more actual DOERS who get the vision and will truly in a real way help to make it happen. I am surrounded by a lot of people who believe the blog is a wonderful idea, but few of them can commit in the way that is needed.

We need:

1. Black Chick Writers:

Globally situated is ideal as it helps us tell the stories of Black Chicks EVERYWHERE!

Notes about Writers: No you do not need to be a Pulitzer prize-winning author to apply for this position! In fact if you are able to form coherent thoughts, can type on a keyboard and arrange those thoughts into a reasonable fashion that makes sense, then we are interested in hearing from you.

Everyone starts somewhere and we are definitely OK if you start with us. We are more interested in your stories; the rest we will figure out along the way.

If you are passionate about writing or sharing great stories then we want to hear from you!

Requirements: Minimum 1 Article per week. No you do not have to write for us every minute of your waking life. But you must submit one article per week. No exceptions.

Content: Stories on and about black chicks living and being around the globe!

2. Video Editors:

Toronto based would be wicked but technology and the internet is a wonderful thing so I am not stuck to the Toronto idea.

3. On-Camera Travelin’ Black Chick Hosts/ Reporters:

Globally Situated. If you have an effervescent (read BIG) personality, are confident in front of a camera and are able to get people to talk to you then we want you!

Submissions: Send us a link to a you tube Link of you doing your thing!

Notes for On-Camera Black Chicks: I know there can only be one Oprah. In fact to me she is the ULTIMATE Black Chick! However we do need people who have a sense of adventure and are open to telling all stories and almost all experiences. Most of all we are looking for people who are compassionate and open to all humanity.


3-6 Month unpaid internship to start. However, that is not to say there will be zero compensation forever. After your internship months based on your work we will offer a number of compensation packages.

You will definitely get a written recommendation, and exposure and experience to push ahead in your career.

Please submit to info@blackchickgroup.com 

About Traveling Black Chick

A silent seeker. Living Loud! Fascinated with the world! Producer, Director, Writer, Traveler, Entrepreneur

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