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Black Chicks ‘Being the Change’ in a Crazy World!

There is so much happening around the globe and it all seems to be in extremes! Famine in East Africa, Terrorism in Norway, Debt Crisis in America and even closer to home we have a mayor who is going on a chopping spree of Toronto’s city services. All of this is daunting, leaving us in a state of flux sometimes even feeling helpless about the state of the world and our ability to really affect change.

In moments like these it’s good to know people who are making a real difference, be it in their own homes, their communities or the world. I am able to look to fellow black chicks and friends Hernica and Ce who are raising beautiful, strong and grounded girls despite the challenges of single parenthood. All while developing their own small business. Ce’s Knit and Crochet Company Khemani Kreations designs unique and sexy clothing and accessories, while Hernica holds down a full time job and  is slowly building her own Home Decor and Event Planning company. I can look at the MPP for my community and Ontario Minister for Health Promotion Margarett Best, whose no holds barred, hands on political approach brings growth to my community and Province. I am also inspired by Traveling Black Chick D’bi Young who after having moved to Cape Town South Africa created the Yemoya Artist Residency to teach and empower individuals to find their authentic voice by telling their own stories. These Black Chicks through their actions teach us that every little bit counts. That no matter how tough the world seems out there if we are willing to stay true to who we are and do the best we know how then we to can ‘Be the Change’.

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So this post goes out to all black chicks around the globe who are ‘Being the Change’ in our Crazy World despite all the madness.

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A silent seeker. Living Loud! Fascinated with the world! Producer, Director, Writer, Traveler, Entrepreneur

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