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333. The Most Powerful Album this year! ANYWHERE!

I am in awe right now. I followed internationally renowned artist D’bi Young‘s link to pre-order her new album 333 and I was shaken. it was like receiving a serious sucker punch to the very center of my core. The album is not for the faint of heart, there is pure unadulterated power on each and every track. With lyrics on everything from self-love, colonization, aids, revolushun and cyberF@#&ing, this piece of work journeys to every part of the human psyche and lays it out to bare.

D'bi Young- Power Personified!

There is nothing held back here, each piece is laced with wickedly produced rhythms, perfectly matched to its content. I could go on and on about this because it is rare that I listen to a full album of any artist even worse a full album of poetry. 333 however is not your grandma’s poetry, it certainly ain’t the ones they taught you at school. This is ‘radical musical anarchy at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute (rpms); this according to the liner notes and I for one most definitely agree!

To honor this absolutely remarkable thought-provoking piece of work, we are going to feature a track from this album everyday until we get to the end. So listen below to one of my favorites titled ‘cry cry baby’. 

This track really moved me.I was raised for the most part by a single strong woman and I know so many solid women walking that path.

333 is set for official release on December 5th, 2011. Follow this link to listen and pre-order the album. Thankfully D’bi is back on stage in Toronto for her Sankofa Trilogy (yes she’s got a lot going on!) now playing at the Tarragon theatre. and so that means I am one of those blessed to witness the album launch event happening on December 5th at the Lula Lounge. Check out the Flyer below for details. Yeah I know the year ain’t out yet..but for this Traveling Black Chick it don’t get much better than this!

D'bi Young's 333 Album Release Event

the on-Liner Notes

d’bi. is an internationally celebrated jamaican-dancehall-diva-wombanist-warrior-chanting-conscious-fyah on the mic. her lyricism stems from the highly socio-political genre of dubpoetry fused with dancehall reggae, hiphop, punk rock, blues and performance art; producing a pepperpot of theatricality that crosses cultural boundaries, reconfigures social norms and inspires revolution. a widely published and academicised artist, d’bi’s work as a theatre practitioner is imbued with hypnotic vibrations that awe-inspire you when you witness her live! she grounds herself by teaching artists and non-artists alike, how to develop their own arts practice with integrity. d’bi’s new album 333, is a collaboration with genius south afrikan producer mandiemafu. the lp (printed on both cd and vinyl) is a love letter to all dancehall queens, queers, and questioners of the status quo. it honours the 12 inch record’s 33 1/3 revolutions per minute (rpms) through radical dubstep musical anarchy. d’bi. is the meeting place of passion, courage, and artistic excellence.

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