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D’bi Young’s new 333 album tackles love…’rivers of Love’

D;bi Young - Gold Flecked Love

Our journey with internationally renowned performer, artist, dub poet and Wombanist D’bi Young continues as we present another track from her upcoming album 333.

For today’s track we chose the piece titled Rivers of Love. D’bi performed the poetry in this piece as her TEDx speech presented in Toronto in 2009. It is a beautiful piece on the depths of love/fear. For the album 333 the poetry has been beautifully layered with music to create a soul-stirring track. Listen below.

lyrics & vocals by d’bi.
produced & arranged by jakofire pro

The album drops on December 5th but can be pre-ordered for download here

Toronto, Album Launch Deets.

d’bi. is an internationally celebrated jamaican-dancehall-diva-wombanist-warrior-chanting-conscious-fyah on the mic. her lyricism stems from the highly socio-political genre of dubpoetry fused with dancehall reggae, hiphop, punk rock, blues and performance art; producing a pepperpot of theatricality that crosses cultural boundaries, reconfigures social norms and inspires revolution.

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