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‘Kiss’ a Black Girl and RISE UP…333

We continue listening to D’bi Young’s new album 333, our newest favorite thing for 2011. As you may or may not know we’ve decided to post a track from the album daily until we get to the end of it, just cause we love it so much. We missed yesterday’s post and so to make up for that we will post two tracks today.

D'bi Young

Our first track is called ‘kiss‘, about a black woman kissing another black woman for the first time. The thing I love about D’bi the most is her clarity and her ability to put words to experiences that may be considered shameful or taboo. I like that she is unapologetic and honest…

lyrics & vocals by d’bi.
produced & arranged by mandiemafu

Our second featured track from the album 333 is actually an interlude called ‘bible and gun‘, it is short sweet and powerful. The rhythms of the drum call you to RISE UP it is time now! LOVE IT!!!! Done.

D'bi Young. Warrior Wombman. nuff said!


bible & gun interlude
lyrics & vocals by d’bi.
produced & arranged by mandieamafu

Album Launch Flyer

333 is releasing on December 5th. If you are in Toronto then don’t miss the album launch event happening on December 5th, check out flyer here.

You can also click here to pre-order the downloadable album. It’s only $3.33. Physical albums fully autographed will be $13.33.





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