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D’bi Young’s Sankofa Trilogy! A Must See…

Given the blog coverage I feel like we have become a D’bi Young groupie! Odd for me since I very rarely follow the crowd. However when someone or something is as damn good as D’bi there ain’t much one can do but get on the bandwagon. Anything D’bi Young is proving to be very good lately and so we the Chick’s have had to get on board!

Ce and I went to see Word! Sound! Powah! one of 3 plays in Revolutionary Artist D’bi Young‘s Sankofa Trilogy. At the end it turns out we were both thinking the same thing. How does one small woman possess such intense and remarkable power! We were rocked, inspired, educated and ignited with a passion to find a way to do whatever it is we are here to do! There are no words except to implore all of you who enjoy great story telling, no gimmicks no extras just 1 woman 3 musicians a spiraling tree plus a revealing and remarkable revolutionary journey!

The other two plays in the Sankofa Trilogy namely Blood Claat which won her two Dora Mavor Moore Awards (Canadian equivalent to Broadway’s Tony Awards) and Benu are also playing on selected dates as part of this run.

‘The Sankofa Trilogy features 3 extraordinary stories of three powerful women- mugdu sankofa, her daughter sekesu and her granddaughter benu– and their resolute belief in blood and truth. Written by d’bi young anitaafrika from 2001-2011 and published by playwrights canada press in 2011.’

The plays are all being performed at the Tarragon Theater to December 4th, so you don’t have much time. If you see nothing else on the stage before this year ends see at least 1 of these plays! thesankofatrilogy.com

Keep watching this space for Traveling Black Chicks in Conversation with D’bi Young!

Till then of course we are always yours

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