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333. tallawah. ‘Only a revolution will end dis ya poverty’

The revolution continues as we keep on highlighting the the music of D’bi Young’s remarkable upcoming album 333.The track tallawah, is a call out to the people of the land of her birth Jamaica. She asks them to awake from their slumber of consumerism and recognize the post colonial colonialism that they are living under. The word tallawah is a common Jamaican patois adjective which describes something that is compellingly strudy and strong or overpowering.

The track seems fitting as the nation steps into the 50th celebration of the anniversary of Independence. D’bi passionately sounds the call for Jamaicans to remember their historical path of resistance and implores them to fight to reclaim their country from the claws of amerikkkan imperialism. Listen below.

lyrics & vocals by d’bi. 
produced & arranged by jakofire pro

tallawah is simple yet powerful; very much in keeping with the rest of the album, 333. One feels that even if this track is sung to Jamaicans the message is universal.

333 the album is being released on December 5th, 2011. Click on the flyer below to learn more.

d’bi. is a jamaican–wombanist–warrior–artist, internationally celebrated for her unapologetic explosive consciousness on &off stage. her new album 333, is a cross-continental collaboration with 3 south african producers. the lp is a love letter to all dancehall queens, queers, and questioners of the status quo. a courageous celebration of life and love, 333 is d’bi’s best dubpoetry to date.

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