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333. Can you look yourself in the Mirror?

When you look in the mirror, how many things about yourself do you wish away? (the way you look, your nose, your eyes, your color, your lips, your.self) . Hauntingly beautiful the track ‘jazz’ from D’bi Young’s new album 333 expresses the internal anguish that so many of us face especially our younger selves. How bout young ones in your midst, are they looking in the mirror and wishing themselves away because they are not what is defined as beautiful.

Self love is tough. Many of us struggle with self hate so deeply rooted that sometimes we are not even aware.  ‘jazz‘ speaks D’bi’s own words of confusion that occasionally comes up when we face ourselves. Have a listen below.

lyrics & vocals by d’bi. 
produced & arranged by jakofire pro

So, when you look in the mirror can you say completely and fully to your ‘self’ I love you? and  would your ‘self’ believe you?

You can check out D’bi on Monday December 5th for her album launch in Toronto! Click on Flyer for more details.

d’bi. is a jamaican–wombanist–warrior–artist, internationally celebrated for her unapologetic explosive consciousness on &off stage. her new album 333, is a cross-continental collaboration with 3 south african producers. the lp is a love letter to all dancehall queens, queers, and questioners of the status quo. a courageous celebration of life and love, 333 is d’bi’s best dubpoetry to date

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