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TTC Love – An Epiphany

Ride the Rocket! Toronto's new Trains

Oh our beloved TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), the rocket that takes millions of Torontonians across our busy divide. Our beloved TTC has been roiled up in some major heat lately. Everything from the wrath of customers due to impending fare hikes and service cuts, to drug/ alcohol induced sexy shenanigans on subway platforms. My last post was actually about observances on the TTC and this one is no different. As I came from conducting an interview with a brilliant Scholar/ Educator/ Artist for this blog, I got on the Finch train heading south to St. George and noticed something so simple yet so powerful, I actually had an epiphany.

I was sitting on the 3 seater next to the door and just further down from me, noticed a middle-aged couple (at least I think middle-aged – is 50ish considered middle-aged?) well a man and a woman sitting on the two-seater just ahead of me. He was staring straight ahead and in that moment just as I looked up, I noticed that she turned her head up slowly to look at him, with what can only be described as love in her eyes. She then proceeded to slowly lay her head on his shoulders. I doubt that the man noticed her looking at him, there was barely an acknowledgement of the gesture from him that I could see except that, in the moment she laid her head on his shoulders he slowly closed his eyes as if in peace.

I have sat in many long conversations with my friends about their desire to be in relationships. I may even occasionally contemplate my own singledom and secretly explore my desires to possibly be with someone. However being a colossal commitment-phobe and hearing the frankly nightmarish stories of friends having gone through the fire of love, I am quickly able to stamp down those desires. I long determined that my own mother’s questionable choices in relationships (or 1 relationship in particular) was the reason for her death at an all too young age (she actually died of cancer but my premise is that the dis-ease was a manifestation of a long-suffering broken heart). All of those things provide me with enough bitter water to keep me the heck away from this thing called love.

However the above being said I am a romantic at heart (easily proven by the fact that I can sit for hours watching or reading corny romance movies and novels, and when I do find myself smitten by someone, I am of the, sneak love notes in your briefcase just because, variety).

Something about that small interaction on the TTC today made me realize all the simple reasons why we need and seek love. Sometimes it’s as simple as just having someone to lay our head on their shoulders and in that moment we both find peace. We seek it because sometimes, even in those few and far between times, it is good to know that you are enough, and that you, just as you are, matter to someone….

So today, and every other day as you embark on this journey through life I wish that you find a loving shoulder to lean on…

Till next time

we are yours

The Traveling Black Chicks!

P.S on Dec. 23rd. The day after I wrote this post I found this really great TED Talk on Love by one of our favorite artists D’bi Young…I thought it would be a nice addition to this post. It’s about 5 minutes long…but definitely worth the watch. Enjoy!

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