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As One year ends…Reflections of a Traveling Black Chick

As I come face to face with the ending of 2011 there were 2 letters that kept coming to mind, the letters ‘Re’– in the sense of Re-ceiving, Re-emerging, Re-connecting, Re-newing, Re-replenishment.

In the beginning of the year I had deemed it a sleeper year. I thought with all the attention going to 2012, 2011 could surprise us all and some major things could happen.

I suppose on the global level some major things did happen, although depending on who you ask what constitutes as major is very different. Case in point according to Google Zeitgeist Rebecca Black (you remember her, the singing sensation who sang that hit track ‘Friday’) you don’t remember her?! Yeah well she was the #1 fastest rising search on the web in 2011…I kid you not. Google stat below…

Rising Star “Searches for Rebecca Black and related searches like Rebecca Black Friday jumped >10,000% between 2010 and 2011, making the young pop singer the #1 fastest rising search on Google in 2011.”

I could comment on what that says about our world, but I digress, I was speaking of 2011 being a sleeper year for great things. How one defines great is subjective and I will say that for me personally, the definition of great has come from the little things. I might have thought in the beginning of the year that I would have produced a major production again, or I might have thought that I would have launched my new business to great fanfare. However none of those things happened in the manner I envisioned instead they happened in smaller but more meaningful ways. 2011 turned out to be a year of Re-vitalisation, it was a year of Re-cognizing how simple things and deeds no matter how small can really make a difference for the good or for the bad. It was a year of Re-connecting, having gone underground in 09 and 10, in 2011 I found myself reaching out more and reconnecting with friends, mentors and acquaintances who I had given every reason to forget about me. It was a year of Re-discovery, I found myself exploring a lot internally trying to figure out my next steps and seeing that the next steps are not unlike the old in that my purpose for this journey remains the same, the paths may be slightly different but the raison d’etre is pretty much the same.

I have Re-ceived a lot in 2011 and so I have much to be grateful and thankful for. Among the greater gifts I received friendship, wisdom, kindness, guidance, generosity, adventure, surprises and most of all love. I received untold blessings and some of the greatest lessons. I learned that this world can be a tough place to exist in but if I focus on the good, the greater good will come. If I am of service to others then the world will be of service to me. I learned to acknowledge fear but to go towards my dreams in the face of those fears, because if I don’t then I miss out on the unimaginable growth that comes from living life on my own terms. I learned that living life on my own terms can be tough but it is the most rewarding way to live…I learned in 2011 that nothing is promised nothing is guaranteed, and for that reason only I must LIVE!

Today I watched a remarkable video by a young transformational artists named M.K Asante who stated that one of his motivational mantras is “You Make an Observation. You Have an Obligation” For me that was powerful and informative and all the indication I needed of what the coming year 2012 should be about. There are untold obligations to fulfill and I look forward to doing the work.

It was a Re-markable journey in 2011 and I say thank you to all of you who have been a part of it….I am sooo looking forward to 2012 and for that I feel truly and wholly blessed.

Let’s make it a great year…Re-member we are what we think so let’s think a greater, safer, more tolerant, loving and kind world into existence.

Always on the journey, I am yours…

Traveling Black Chick


Sending My Love to – Ce Mekamillion, Nora P, Ray, T Mekamillion, Ms. Hernica, Mr. Rico, Amani, Chi, Ms. Dille, Ms. K, Rosey, D’bi Young, Dayo, Mr. Rose, Mr. D, Rob, Mr. H, Ms. Andre, Mr. RevoLucian King, Mario and so many others whose names fail me. All of you made this year the best it could ever be. Thank you!

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A silent seeker. Living Loud! Fascinated with the world! Producer, Director, Writer, Traveler, Entrepreneur

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