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3 Tips to fight the winter blues


Feeling a little blaaaaaaaah

I feel you and I understand, winter is not my cup of tea either, its way too cold, not enough sun light, way tooooooo cold and just blah. (Yes I know I said way too cold twice)

However there are many things we can do to make sure we keep our energy and spirits high.

I tell my students and clients that the only way your going to feel good is if you make yourself feel good.

Which means we have to take time out of our day and plan to make sure our energy is high and we are feeling good. If you don’t take the time to do it, it’s not going to get done, so it’s important to put your happiness in your hands.

Here are 3 tips to get rid of the Winter Blues

Workout I know you know this, but its funny because though many of us know that working out helps us stay energized, not many follow through. We think awww its cold out, I’m staying home. And that is not a good idea. This is even more reason to workout, you want to stay fit all year round, you want to keep your energy up, and one of the best ways to do this is to stick to a weekly workout plan. This will help you feel energized, feel motivated which helps your overall mind-body and soul.

Stay away from Negative people. We can sniff them out from a far, and when they come around, the entire energy changes. Don’t allow the moods of others to suck you try. Especially during these winter months. If there is someone you know who is like this, then make the change you need to distance yourself or make sure your energy doesn’t get slapped when they come around.

Take time out to laugh with your friends and family. Just laugh, watch a funny movie or a funny youtube video and laugh. I love youtube because I can search for anything and yes sometimes these videos are ridiculous, but the point is, the video makes me laugh, and we all know laughing is good for the soul. Don’t neglect the comfort and joy that the people closest to you bring. Include them into your plan, get together for social gatherings so you can enjoy their company and they can enjoy yours.

These are 3 simple tips, there are many more. Find what works for you.

Know that you can only keep your energy and spirit high if you take the time to do so.

About kayannward

A Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor and Writer Kay-Ann is known as one of the industries rising dancer, choreographer and creative director. With an eye for details and creating performances that are innovative, sexy, raw, and edgy, her style and positive attitude is not only contagious but sought after by many. Dancer Kay-Ann has been featured in countless performances and music videos with some of the hottest music artist in Canada, she has danced for Divine Brown in her hit single, “Meet me at the roxy”, she has danced at the 2008 Much Music Video awards for Hip-Hop artist Flo-Rida, Kreesha Turner and performed in the Hit South African musical Umoja. She is also known for her solo performances that are not only entertaining, but also provocative and innovative. Her energy and performance quality is what sets her apart from many. Choreographer “Within dance lie no boundary to creativity and entertainment” Kay-Ann uses this simple yet effective statement to guide her work. She thinks outside the box to create performances that go from sexy and sultry, high energy and entertaining, to performances that captivate the audience and make you think. Kay-Ann Ward has created performances that has left a lasting impression on audiences young and old for the 07/08 Luminato festival, 2008 Desi festival, 2008 Women in Dance, 08/09 Talent Defined, just to name a few. Her recent production The Alter Ego took place at the Gladstone Hotel Sunday August 23rd, 2009. Not only was the show sold out it recieved great reviews from the audience. Instructor As an instructor, Kay-Ann brings energy and motivation to all of her classes and or workshop she teaches. With a positive attitude and fitness back ground, whether it’s a workout class, professional dance class, or one on one training, Kay-Ann motivates everyone she encounters to challenge themselves, stay focus and not give up. She is the founder, creator and instructor of Sweat B4 U Sweat dance workout, a unique dance workout that combines the sexy, upbeat dance moves from the Caribbean and Urban cultures with a range of fitness exercises that sculpt and tone your body. Writer With a love for writing Kay-Ann maintains a blog titled Kay-Annn Wards Dance Hub this blog is dedicated to being true to ones self and letting go of social norms and expectations. Helping professional dancers and recreational dancers better there skills to reach there individual goals, all while she shares her creative journey with her supporters and followers. Kay-Ann also uses story telling to bring her choreography to life she says "Dancing is a story that is being told. Through movements you are able to tell a story which brings out emotions and a reaction from the audience."

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