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A Wanderland of Black History

Today, the 1st of February 2012 marks the official beginning of Black History Month. This year like any other is filled with numerous activities and celebrations in honor of African People especially those who were brought across the Atlantic.In a recent post we featured and expressed our excitement about one of the events that we are looking forward to.

Afrotropolis Wanderland will be a creative experience merging the worlds of visual arts, fashion and film to create a universe that commemorates different periods in Black history and celebrates the achievements of people of African origin“. The show is set to go down in the beautiful gallery space of 99 Sudbury in downtown Toronto.

Afrotropolis Wanderland was conceptulized by Chinedesign founder and head designer Chinedu Ukabam, who has managed to bring together a brilliant team of artists to realize his vision. Of course the Traveling Black Chicks sought out the ‘black chicks’ on the team to find out more about this wonderful event. In an earlier post we chatted with the show’s producer  Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu about her journey on this project. (click here for the interview)

Below we chat with Afrotropolis Wanderland’s publicist and social media manager Rehema Vuo. She tells us why she thinks Afrotropolis Wanderland is one of the signature events of Black History Month this year. We’ve also posted some sneak pics from a recent rehearsal/ fitting of the show.


Rehema Vuo, Afrotropolis Wanderland Publicist & Social Media Manager

TBC: Tell us about Afrotropolis Wanderland.

RV: Afrotropolis Wanderland is a fashion experience, I like to call it. It will take guests on a journey through fashion by exciting many parts of their minds. Guests will be able to take in the designs in an up close and personal way, along with taking in a creative short film that links to the designs. This isn’t the average run way fashion show!

TBC: What do you think is the unique selling point for Afrotropolis Wanderland? What will make Afrotropolis Wanderland particularly stand out among all the other events happening during Black History Month?

RV: I think that the unique thing about this event is that it will include many different aspects. There is film, fashion, art and even a pop up shop to buy things. So people will be coming for one aspect and then get excited that there is something else going on! Also there is a direct link to history here. Through the designs homage it paid to legendary leaders in African history. I think this makes the event stand out.

TBC: You also worked on PR for Afrotropolis the first install were there particular challenges or advantages that come with Afrotropolis Wanderland that did or didn’t come with the 1st edition?

RV: The main challenge I think was that this time around it was a bigger event. It was important to highlight the colloborative efforts that went into the show and also to make sure that it reached a wider audience. I also think that because this show has the aspect of art and flim we were able to appeal to a larger group and a different group. This now means that the Chinedesign brand is able to reach a demographic it may have never been able to reach before.

TBC: What are you most looking forward to…the beginning, the middle, or the end of the event on February 4th? Why?

RV: I am looking forward to the event as a whole, but in particular I am looking forward to the beginning to see the peoples faces when they see the creativity behind the flim, the art and the clothes! I am also looking forward to hearing peoples thoughts at the conclusion of the show. I am pretty sure most people will be “wowed” and blown away by the experience as a whole!

TBC: What type of experience should the audience expect at this event?

RV: Recently Paul Aguirre from blogTO called the event “the one night only multi sensory art exhibit” which I think is an excellent description! I think that all senses will be excited and heightened at Afrotropolis Wanderland through the fashion, film and art work. There are some super talented people behind this event and they brought 100% of their efforts to the forefront here. I think that the audience will definitely be talking about this one for the majority of the month and most likely into the summer! 🙂


Special thanks to Rehema Vuo for taking the time to share her thoughts with us. We agree that this event sounds and looks remarkably exciting!

Afrotropolis Wanderland Tickets are on sale now at http://afrotropolis.eventbrite.ca

We know this event will be wonderful so we hope to see you there!

Till then we are yours

The Traveling Black Chicks


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