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Come explore the Motherland with us!

If you haven’t yet heard then we should let you know that the traveling black chicks will be journeying through the Motherland! (Africa That is and…through film of course lol). We are delighted to collaborate with York United Black Students Alliance, Rap’s Restaurant and Khemani Kreations to bring you a wonderful documentary film on Africa! Check out the Trailer and read more about this remarkable film below!

MOTHERLAND – A film by Owen Alik Shahadah from Halaqah Films on Vimeo.

Motherland (Enat Hager) is the most powerful documentary on Africa. Fusing history, culture, politics, and contemporary issues, Motherland sweeps across Africa to tell a new story of a dynamic continent. From the glory and majesty of Africa’s past through its complex and presenthistory. Motherland looks unflinchingly toward a positive Pan-African future. With breathtaking cinematography and a fluid soundtrack, Motherland is a beautiful illustration of global African diversity and unity. From the acclaimed producers of the multi-award winning 500 Years Later, Motherland is Directed by Owen ‘Alik Shahadah | (Amharic | እናት ሀገር).

Event Details
  • Date: Thursday February 16th @ 6:00pm
  • Venue: York University Student Center 4700 Keele St. Room 321
  • Price: FREE
This ‘Africa in Context’ screening is an African Image Media Presentation and is generously sponsored by:

We hope you will join us and what looks to be a remarkable journey!
We are yours as always
The Traveling Black Chicks

About Traveling Black Chick

A silent seeker. Living Loud! Fascinated with the world! Producer, Director, Writer, Traveler, Entrepreneur

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