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Viola Davis speaks on her Journey to the Oscars

As I prepare for my trip to LA to take in the preparations for the 84th annual Academy Awards, I am very much aware of this very remarkable ‘Black Chick’ Viola Davis who is sizzling for Oscar this year. There is much debate about the fact that yet again a black woman is only an Oscar contender because she is playing the role of a maid; interestingly the piece below mentions that since Hattie McDaniel, 5 other black women have been nominated for Academy Awards and they all played maids.

I love films but I am plagued with a mind that is a bit of a conspiracy theorist so I am always seeing the undertones, hidden messages and sacrifices being made especially of black characters. However sometimes, thankfully I am able to watch a film and simple take in the story being told, even more so when the actors are so convincing that I am able to get lost in their world. For me The Help was one of those films and rightly or wrongly it moved me, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were great. The story itself brought me to tears in parts and made me laugh out loud in others. I know maybe I am meant to be mad about the fact that both Davis and Spencer stand a great chance, (or not) of winning the Oscars for these roles, but I am choosing to be happy that they are rewarded simply for a job well done. Yes there are massive political and racial implications about the roles but I am choosing to take a moment to just exhale at the accolades and praise they are receiving at this point in what you will hear in the interview below was a sometimes brutal journey!

Click on the video link below to learn a little more about the beautiful Ms. Viola Davis.



Watch Actresses Viola Davis & Octavia Spencer on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.

Way To Go Ladies!

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