5 Signs He (She) Is the Right One For You…

Do you know what your nonnegotiable(s) in a relationship are? You’d better cause it is one of the things that should inform your decision as to whether someone is right for you or not.

So, Valentines day is around the corner, and whether we want to or not, thoughts of love and relationships inevitably will enter our minds. We found this great article below that lists a few signs to look for when deciding if the person you are with is the  Right One for you :).

Disclaimer: while the article is skewed towards heterosexual male/ female love…we feel it applies to any kind of love relationship. Cause you know the Black Chicks don’t discriminate! However you get your love we just want you to get the right one for you!

Click on the link below for the rest.


5 Signs He Is the Right One For You | Mind & Body | Diet&Fitness.

We thought this Whitney track also suited the moment. Enjoy!


As Always we are yours

The Traveling Black Chicks


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2 comments on “5 Signs He (She) Is the Right One For You…

  1. Love that Whitney song
    And those 5 things are on point. Definitely those different symbols of respect are truly important.

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