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A Traveling Black Chick in The City Of Angels

There’s a  Traveling Black Chick in LA right now!  Yep left the TDOT and flew on over to the City of Angels. After what seemed like a never-ending check-in process (is it me or has checking in to a flight become even more tedious and lengthy than ever) I thought I’d actually miss my flight! Anyways I made it unto the plane with no incidents, well except for the US officer who checked my passport and assumed that I was a celebrity of some sort. It didn’t help that my surname is one of Shakespeare’s plays and I mentioned that I work in the arts. He says to me that he cleared Geoffrey Rush through when he was going to theAcademy Awards for the Kings Speech, and that many of us are so unassuming and kind, and we (the stars) like to keep a low profile. LOLOL…I had a great chuckle on that one, while wondering if the people in the line behind me were not miffed at the fact that we were having a big ole conversation while they were waiting and probably late for theirflights!

Landed!!! Me at LAX with Encounters Restaurant in the background!

Finally made it to the plane. Besides taking a little longer to get off the ground the flight itself was pretty uneventful except that I chose a window seat that landed me next to the emergency exit, great leg room but um not much window to speak off. I slept for most of the flight while listening to Tin Tin (yes the movie).

Finally landed at LAX at 11:11am, waited on my baggage to come through the carousel (that took forever cause they kept dropping two bags at a time) UGH. I was starving when I landed so we went to my favorite chicken spot in LA, El Pollo Loco (A Mexican version of Swiss Chalet), had me some beans, chicken, guacamole and chips.We then went to drop Nick’s mom to the airport and then headed to the hotel to drop off my bags.

I almost dived straight into the bed, but luckily the  ladies were cleaning the room so we had to leave. We headed out again to pick up our camera did some grocery shopping and then made our way back to the hotel. On the ride back I finally noticed the mountains that lie in the backdrop of  LA, that brought a smile to my face because I remembered why I really like this City of Angels, nature is all around…even in the palm trees that seem out-of-place as they line the streets everywhere.

The day after my arrival… 15 hours of some much-needed sleep later, I am up and almost ready to go take LA. I ended up straining a back muscle really bad yesterday (thanks to the Brick that is my laptop) so I am in a bit of pain. Nothing that a little electrical massage and heated shower can’t fix though. We should be checking out the Pan-African Film Festival later today and probably heading down to Santa Monica Pier. Work starts tomorrow!

I will try to post pics at least everyday, however I can’t promise anything because we have a pretty hectic schedule this week as it leads up to the Oscars. Either way you all will get a full account of this trip. For those of you who may be wondering I am in LA to help shoot a behind the scenes special on the Oscars for Starsentertainment.com

Till then I am yours

A Traveling Black Chick


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