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Traveling Black Chick- LA First day in pics

Hi All,

PAFF- From Cote D'Ivoire - Plastic Bag Dispenser

Hope this Tuesday finds you brilliant. Just a few pics from LA yesterday. We ended up heading down to the Pan-African Film Festival, which was being held at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza in Baldwin Village. Sadly the festival was practically finished, however the craft show was still going on, there were some brilliant art pieces and lots of clothing, I took some pics. Baldwin Village/ Crenshaw is where some or a lot of LA’s Black Folk reside, there were quite a few new housing/ building developments going up and the area seemed to be going through a bit of revitalization. Every time I come to the US I am always starkly reminded that there is a definite class and racial divide here. Segregation is not really a thing of the past, although one could argue that it is, because it is not enforced like it used to be. However whether it is or is it isn’t some things are as plain as the eyes can see,  the Blacks still live on one side of town and the Mexicans on another and the Whites somewhere else completely.  I mean only in Crenshawe’s Walmart did I see the images of cameras on display instead of the actual cameras.  Rather interesting eh?!

For food we found a $7.99 buffet which like all buffets was great on quantity and variety however the quality left a little to be desired. There were these major jumbo wings that looked sooo good, of course I tried them and they turned out to be rather tasteless. (BTW- I am hoping they were chicken wings- then again if they were I now have some serious amounts of steroids in my system).

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In the evening we ended up going to Downtown LA instead of the pier. Had a Cobb Salad at the ESPN Zone Bar which is right across from the Staples Center (I got pics of the Staples Center etc, but still on camera will add those later). My Cobb was delicious! Downtwon LA was a bit of a ghost-town while we were there however it could have been because there was an LA Lakers game going on inside the Staples Center.

LA weather is not too bad I went without a jacket in the evening and though it was a little chilly it was nothing I couldn’t handle ( Thank you Canada for building up my cold weather endurance).

Today Oscar Week work starts. We are heading out to film Stephanie Pratt & Brandon Barash (Stars Entertainment’s Oscar Week hosts). First to an Oscar Gifting Lounge with Stephanie and then we head to Santa Monica to get a behind the scenes tour of the FX studio who worked on the films Underworld and The Muppets etc with Brandon.

Hope you enjoy the pics

Till then I am yours

A Traveling Black Chick in LA


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