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LA Trip Week One in Review- The Universe had a few laughs at our Expense :)

Week one in LA has come and gone. Oscar week madness culminated with the viewing of the 84th Academy Awards at the Stars Entertainment private viewing party.  It has been a rather hectic week filled to no end with the most bizarre hic-cups and happenings. Below I will attempt to give a brief review of each day, supported of course by some pics. Apologies for not doing the daily pic updates, I seemed unable to focus at the end of the shoot days, I think my body was still on eastern seaboard time. So here goes …

TD Tuesday (as in Technical Difficulties)

Satissimi @ The Lexington Social House Gifting Suite

Our Tuesday shoots saw us at the Lexington Social House for their Oscar gifting suite (companies purchase a table to display and gift their products and services to celebrities who are invited to visit the suite) and at LOOK Studios to get a behind the scenes view of  CGI and Special Effects. It seemed that anything that could go wrong did go wrong on our shoots that day. From a sick host (poor Stephanie Pratt was battling a flu) to microphone failure (brand new microphone chose not to work even after being tested the day before when it worked fine) and video editing woes (it would seem the Sony Cam and the Sony Vegas editing suite were not liking each other).  Honestly we were really starting to wonder if the Universe was having a few laughs at our expense.  Thankfully like all things however some of the headaches worked out in the end. Stephanie was a trooper and held her own, she got through each shoot with panache. Brandon Barash, although he got lost on his way to his shoot, ended up being as charming as ever and made technical and potentially boring CGI stuff interesting and funny. Unfortunately due to the microphone and editing challenges the footage from Tuesday essentially had to be scrapped for that night.

Weird Car Wednesday

A Sunshiny warm day in LA

Wednesday was one of those beautiful, bright and warm sunshiny LA days. However Wednesday’s perfect weather brought with it some weird car trouble. We headed down to Celebrity Salon Cristophe in Beverly Hills to check out some hair and make up trends for the Oscar Red Carpet, it took us 3 hours to finish that shoot. While at Cristophe I learned that it cost about $600.00 to get highlights (ummm that’s RENT for some people in TO). Then my mind started to wander, I started thinking  about frivolous things like whether there is a selection criteria for celebrity stylists – you must be french or have an accent, you must be relatively flashy and wear your shirt opened to mid-chest and your collar must be fixed’ just so’, your hair must be coiffed but not so much that one can tell that it was coiffed)-  you know, the little things that make ZEE celebrity stylist. LOL I’m playing, Cristophe turned out to be quite a lovely French man who scoffed at the fact that I was drinking a Vanila Bean Frappacino instead of his high-end L’eau (water) dashed with lemon and cucumber slices.  After much ado the ladies were ready and we had a great shoot with Christophe and Stephanie chatting about Oscar hair trends. I noticed him looking at my hair, I wondered what he was thinking about then…lol.

3 hours later we head back to the car, which worked fine to get us there, Nick starts the car and it gives us a message that the transmission is NOT ok. Initially we chose to ignore that message and started to drive, however after a few moments doing that the car seemed a little shakey and the message persisted so we decided to stop and call Triple A; they were there within an impressive 20 minutes. According to the Triple A man everything was fine, the car was simply sensitive and did not like the way Nick was handling it ( I totally understood where it was coming from- Nick drives like a Mad man). In the end Triple A guy gave Nick some tips on what the car might need and we were sent on our way. Of course that was not the end of the car trouble.  About 10 minutes later the message came back and periodically we could feel the car shaking and  making interesting noises. This is so not what we needed on this particularly hectic day.

Galen Gerring with the ladies of Grub

Later we headed down to one of our favorite restaurants GRUB to meet up with Galen Gerring – hunky soap opera actor from Days of Our Lives–  GRUB is a cozy little restaurant in LA’s post production district that serves what the owners call California Comfort food. Believe me when i tell you there is MUCHOS COMFORT in that food! Everything is absolutely delicious!!! I chowed down on their famous Mac & Cheese and really it was damn good!  Loads and loads of cheese on top and inside the pie (heaven!!!!). Galen Gerring was wonderful with the ladies at Grub and it didn’t hurt that he was quite handsome either.

Editing returned to normal thanks to exchanging the Sony Cam for a Canon (turns out Canon and Sony Vegas are getting along famously). As for the car it kept on acting up until we gave it some gas and then the shaking sorta stopped. We still have that car and occasionally it still complains but for the most part so far it’s been good.

Traumatic -TV-Thursday!

Governors Ball Food Preview

We had a pretty packed shoot day on Thursday, our first stop was the Oscars Governors Ball Preview, where we got a sneak pic of the food and decor for the Governors Ball which are held directly after the Academy Awards.  Wolfgang was his usual effervescent self as he explained to reporter after reporter his cocktail style menu for this year’s ball. We got a taste of the menu and hands down the mini crab cakes were the best thing I tasted or maybe it was the mini pizzas, who knows honestly we’re speaking of Master Chef Wolfgang Puck, so pretty much everything was deliciously devine. That was a pretty quick shoot and in about 45 minutes we were off the carpet and on our way back to the hotel for the remainder of our shoots. Stephanie interviewed the writing team of the upcoming Dr. Seus film The Lorax, then she interviewed team members from our sponsors for this Oscar trip Artistile, and finally Stephanie did a feature on the Blvd Spa -for that she got a sampling of one of the spa’s treatments.  On the technical and car front  Thursday was a reasonably  quiet day, a few hic-cups but nothing to speak of really.

Dramatic ending to Car Crawl

Once we were finished we chose to relax and watch some TV. While doing so I experienced one of the most terrifying events I have seen on television. Just as I was about to partake in a rare viewing of Dr. Phil the broadcast was interrupted for a live broadcast of a car chase (an event which apparently is very popular on American TV). This one however ended with the driver (at first it was thought to be a 40-year-old male who was allegedly involved in a car-jacking and who had threatened police with a gun) getting 30 bullets pumped into him by a bevy police officers. Again this was LIVE on TV.  What turned out to be even more tragic during the viewing of this horrific event was to hear the media change the story  right before our ears (it was a very Wag the Dog moment) . I am happy that Nick was with me else I don’t think I would have believed my own eyes and ears.

When all was said and done, it turned out to be a 22-year-old who allegedly was involved in two car jackings. His family (mother & sister) unfortunately were watching the slow chase through the streets of LA and saw their son and brother gutted with bullets on LIVE TV.

Free-ish Friday

Stephanie & Brandon On the streets for Starsentertainment.com

After our traumatic night on Thursday it was thankfully a reasonably light day on Friday. We first headed back to Grub for lunch, I was overwhelmed by their delicious Crab BLT- yes it is just as it sounds, a size-able crab cake topped with Grub’s Crack Bacon and lettuce and tomatoes. After satisfying ourselves we met up with Brandon and Stefanie who made their own Oscar predictions and then took to the streets at Hollywood and Highland to chat with the general public and get their Oscar predictions as well as wrap up the StarsEntertainment.com Oscar coverage. Needless to say after seeing what I saw on TV the night before I was still a bit shaken so opted to stay indoors in the evening.

Simplicity Saturday…

By Saturday Nick who had been battling editing issues and driving everywhere was understandably exhausted and so gladly we slept in. In LA it is very easy to drive everywhere because everything seems so far away and in actual fact depending on where you are walking can be in vain. Thankfully the BLVD hotel is pretty close to a few plazas within reasonable walking distance. So we decided to take a brisk walk down the street for dinner; Nick was certain that the El Pollo Loco was not too far. Well not too far in the car turned out to be a 33 minute walk both ways, which we found out while searching in the wrong direction for the El Pollo Loco. Under normal circumstances I would have welcomed the walk but it was already night and the area was not familiar so we quickly revised that plan and decided to drive, it was definitely the better way to go!

Oscar Sunday:

The easiest traffic day in LA by far is Oscar Sunday. We headed down to the Oscars Red Carpet to get final shots. First we stopped at this wicked music store called Amoeba Music, it is this gigantic store with unending amounts of cds and dvds, vinyls of everything that was ever recorded on any kind of format. We then drove down to one of my favorite spots in LA The Grove to spend some time grab some food and then headed back to our hotel.

Quick Oscar thoughts:

Sads that our lady Viola Davis did not win for best female lead, but I  heard that Meryl was remarkable in The Iron Lady and so it seems her Oscar was very well deserved.  Viola killed it on the red carpet though, she looked stunning in that beautiful Green Vera Wang gown and her natural coco brown hair.

Kudos to Octavia Spencer for taking it home for best supporting. I loved her authenticity when she won- “can we wrap this up? I can’t think” – lolol classic.

A personal Woot Woot! to Captain Von Trap (AKA Christopher Plummer) for bringing it home to Canada! He was my first movie character crush and I have loved him since.

OK I know there is already a Twitter page about her leg but can I just take a moment to comment on Angelina’s LEG!!! LMAO seriously

Lastly the Esperanza Spalding and the Southern California Childrens Chorus tribute to those who have passed was simply beautiful.

Over-all I thought the Oscars were not a total snorefest- at least certainly not as bad as last year.  However I kept trying to remember when the Oscars were ever really exciting. Were they?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that’s pretty much my first week in LA in review. I have had a few moments where I really missed home and the rest of my friends, which was surprising because usually when I am away I tend to be able to just exist in that time and space without really missing or wanting to be back home. However, things change I suppose and sometimes really there is no place like home. So shout out to the other Traveling Black Chicks in TO and all the loves of my life.

Week 2 has started with celebrity interviews for Starsentertainment.com. Today we did about 8 or so interviews with some really cool guys and gals. Tomorrow will be about the same.

I know this is a long post so thanks to those of you who got to the end in one go…or read it in parts 🙂

Till the next post, I am yours

A Traveling Black Chick in the City of Angels


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