Help!! He wants to cuddle for no reason? And a few other signs that he thinks you are special!

Does he want to Cuddle?

Ladies, it can be hard to tell if the guy we’re liking is also into us. It’s already been established that men and women are from different planets and speak very different languages, especially when it comes to love. However like all forms of communication if we pay close enough attention we can sometimes get clues and a bit of clarity. We found this interesting article that offered a few insights. Ladies click the link below to get some hints on things he does when he is totally into you!

Gentlemen (I know there are few of you out there who visit this space) if you happen to click-through feel free to tell us below if the article is on point. Do (or did) you do these things when you are (were) into a lady? What are the things you do/ say/ text when you want her to know you are feeling her?


You’re welcome! LOLOL… We’re pleased to help bridge the communication gap wherever possible! 😉

We are yours always

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2 comments on “Help!! He wants to cuddle for no reason? And a few other signs that he thinks you are special!

  1. learning how to communicate with men is so frustrating. I’m this-close to turning dates into interviews lol
    but that is a good list. those are things that make me feel special. BUT (here’s where I always mess up:) if a guy does any one of those nice things and does a whole lot of things that say “I don’t like you like that,” I foolishly hold on to that one nice thing.

    • I hear you Nina G. I have been guilty in the past of the same thing. I then decided to just be friends with men. Makes for a very revealing and easier proposition to me. Maybe one day I may consider venturing towards relating to them in an intimate relationship-for life type of setting again, or maybe I might be surprised and find one with whom the communicating will just click. But for now the friendship/acquaintance language is proving to be rather peaceful.

      Thanks for your comment :).

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