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Ladies Pay Attention to Your Heart!- Many female heart attack victims never make it to the hospital…

On the eve of International Women’s Day, I thought it important to post this article on Women’s Heart Health.  Pay attention ladies as it seems more likely that our symptoms could be dismissed by ourselves and emergency doctors as simply ‘all in our heads”, before we know it we are dead. I know, I’ve put it a bit harshly but it is real and we need to pay attention. It would seem that there is apathy within the medical profession and among ourselves towards our Heart Health however  if we don’t pay attention we stand to pay quite a steep price. With increased stress levels and our pervading Superwoman mentality it is increasingly important that we keep an eye and be informed about our Ticker. Click through to this very informative article on Healthzone.ca to learn more and do more.

Many female heart attack victims never make it to the hospital – Healthzone.ca

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