Nicole Georges-Bennett shares her hair raising journey to her Dream-

Nicole Georges-Bennett

I really enjoy speaking to remarkable women. The conversation is even better when I am speaking with someone who attended the same high school and walked the same streets as I did in a place we no longer inhabit but we both carry in our hearts. Nicole Georges-Bennett was a few years ahead of me when we both attended the Convent High School in our beloved Dominica. I do remember that she was brilliant back then and she is no less powerful now, over 20 years later in this Great White North.

I sat down with Nicole to speak about her newest adventure Angel Hair Magazine. The interview revealed a down to earth, warm and determined woman, who came upon her new life’s passion through growth and self discovery. The best journeys are always filled with those…

Watch below to learn more about Nicole Georges-Bennett’s Inspired Journey to her dream!

I am always so inspired and moved to action by the women that I speak to. In this interview I was struck by the strength of Nicole’s faith in God and how she stands by it and in it. A belief that strong will definitely move mountains. I feel that Angel Hair Magazine is important work and I believe it is the beginning of something powerful!

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Stay tuned for part two of our interview where Nicole talks travel and dishes out some nuggets of wisdom!

Till then I am Yours Always

A Traveling Black Chick


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2 comments on “Nicole Georges-Bennett shares her hair raising journey to her Dream-

  1. Lucy, awesome job! I’m so humbled and blessed to have Travelling Black Chicks take an interest in Angel Hair Magazine. All respects due!
    Nicole G.B

  2. You are welcome Nicole. Thank you allowing us access to tell one of the first stories about Angel Hair Magazine. 🙂

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