President Obama and Trayvon Martin- Ain’t too far removed…

Trayvon Martin

Is there any real surprise that Trayvon Martin’s killer is still allowed to wander the streets? That he was not even arrested if only for the fact that he killed someone after being told not to approach by the 911 dispatcher? I mean seriously folks can we take a moment to consider that the man who currently holds the highest office in America has been the most disrespected person to ever sit in that chair. Consider that even after having attended the best schools in the country, after serving in Congress and for all intents and purposes lived a good Christian life – he has a family, goes to church, very rarely utters a mean word even in the face of abject discrimination and disrespect.  This man who record numbers of ALL Americans voted into office has been called a ‘dick’, ‘a liar’  – that to in the middle of delivering a speech in congress– has been reported dead by a top news station, has been asked to show his birth certificate after being voted into office, has had his faith constantly disrespected and questioned. If this man, who holds the highest seat in the land has come under attack after attack for nothing more than who he is and what he represents as a black man; If President Obama can be treated like nothing more than a field n*gger then what chance did a young,  black, hoodie wearing Trayvon Martin, really stand?

President Obama is still just a Black Man

The two situations may seem far removed from each other but believe me they are not. When a black man, even when holding what should be the most revered and respected position in his nation is treated with such abject disrespect by his peers, what is the average American racist to do? How can he think that the lives of those ‘black, hoodie wearing thugs’ walking down the street, be worth much more than the penny in his pocket.

Folks I hate to state the obvious here, but America’s racism is a deep-rooted cog in the machine that will never go away, more importantly it can’t go away. The abhorrence for black is built into the foundation, woven into the fabric and is a very important function of American society. If you take away the foundation i.e the black underclass and so-called ‘minority’ working poor, then how will a system built so strongly on universal racial exploitation and bullying thuggery survive? If you look closely you will see that with every new generation there is a seed that is planted almost like a ritual in every aspect of the culture to ensure that the hatred of black –especially black men– is perpetuated.  It is not a coincidence that black men are always the first to be brutally sacrificed in films, or on television. It has become a running joke in the black community but we all know and recognize the truth of those glaring reminders.  No matter how far we come, no matter if they smile in your face , let you sit on their most coveted chair or even let you into the pearly gates, black will always just be a n*gger whose life ain’t worth much more than the bullet that ends it.

#Real Talk- Will there really be any justice for Trayvon and so many others like him? Can there ever be?

Till then we say wear your hoodies and click to support Justice for Trayvon Martin

As always I am yours

A Traveling Black Chick


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3 comments on “President Obama and Trayvon Martin- Ain’t too far removed…

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  2. […] President Obama and Trayvon Martin- Ain’t too far removed… (travelingblackchicks.com) […]

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