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Going Back to Go Forward…

I might have mentioned in my last post that through the birthing of my latest project I actually got to take a trip.  My project took me back to the land of my birth, the beautiful island of Dominica located in the center of the Caribbean Sea. For the past month and a bit I have been walking the old roads of my youth…walking past my old high school, the house where I spent most of my afternoons after coming home from primary school, the Bayfront that gave me solace in my years of teenage angst.

Virgin Lane- On the Way to My High School (Yep it is actually called ‘Virgin’)

It’s been quite the journey, just yesterday I was saying to a friend that when you are young things seem so much bigger or is it that when you get older everything shrinks a little? Hills that seemed too steep, roads that seemed unending all seem to be less challenging to climb, less far to walk…

Constitution Hill- I walked that hill to get to both My primary school and high school

Some things though remain the same; That Dominica is referred to as the Nature Island of the Caribbean is by no means a cliche..

The Beautiful Flamboyant Tree!

Being here has brought me an understanding of what it means to feel the natural universe. In Dominica I see how people live with nature. Having been in Canada for the past years where everything has to be designed and tamed it is amazing being in this country where people simply allow nature to grow un-coiffed! They take what they need from the land and leave the rest to grow in pleasant abandon. Nature is ALIVE here! Every time I step out on the balcony I hear her, I feel her, I see her and that for me is truly a blessed healing!

Housed in Nature – A building located inside the Botanical Gardens

I believe strongly in divine moments and journeys, as in we are where we are meant to be for as long as we are meant to be there. I truly feel like I am having a divine moment right now in my life, that I am here to learn and relearn, in essence I came back to go forward!

Looking through Nature’s portals taken inside The Bamboo House in Dominica’s Botanical Gardens

Till then I am yours….

A Traveling Black Chick


(all pics by LH -thanks to Media House for Camera use and training lololol)

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One comment on “Going Back to Go Forward…

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my articles about Dominica. It’s one of my favorite places for all of the reasons you mention in your post. I am jealous that you were just there! The ebb and the flow of nature, and its effect on life, is very important to me. I am quite connected and notice all the little shifts. I feel at home and nurtured in your homeland…from the inside out. And the people are genuine and open, too. Happy travels!

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