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Love, Fantasy & The Beast- Ms. K Recaps her Summer Adventures

It’s now September we can safely say summer is gone. So what have you the traveling black chicks been up to this summer?  Perhaps you traveled far, maybe you traveled within your province or like me maybe you stayed put but had so much happening around you one would be forgiven for thinking you were “way too busy traveling for all the drama” you experienced.

Podoski-Yum Yumi!!

How can we talk about summer 2012 without talking about UEFA Cup (European soccer), London Olympics, Wimbledon and of course our own personal “journeys”? A disclaimer here I am a soccer hooligan (blame it on years spent living in the UK). I can scream and kick with the best of them. So summer started off well for me with the UEFA cup. Unfortunately I was supporting Germany (Podoski-I tend to support fine-looking dudes). I quickly realised (so ok I didn’t realise anything Germany lost) that Spain was the team to support. It didn’t hurt that I had my eye on Ramos. That Sergio Ramos dude is mighty fine. I had the once in a lifetime experience of seeing this guy in South Africa in 2009 for the confederation cup and fell in “lust” with his skills. 3 years later dude is still amazing. I was glued to the tv I ignored my personal life for the love of being a soccer hooligan to boot. Hey I wouldn’t be a “traveling black chick” if I was any different. Unfortunately I didn’t get to travel this summer. But my television and I went places.



Lightning Bolt & Blake My Beast!

I suffered some serious “withdrawal” pangs after UEFA cup but I knew better was to come what with the London 2012 Olympics around the corner. Men time of course. I had to start thinking of who to support. 4 years ago I was all up in Bolt mania like most of the world. But I had seen this dude Blake in action and could not decide who to support Bolt or Blake either way I was all set to sizzle. On a personal note I was getting ready to travel back home to Africa in 2 months for my marriage ceremony. I had resisted this for way too long. But was “head over heels” in love with dude whose name shall remain a secret that I had finally decided “yep Ms K this is it”. I was super excited about the upcoming nuptials but that didn’t stop girlfriend from dreaming of Blake the Beast, Bolt the lightning and all the other fine men that were making their way to London 2012. Finally it was the opening night. I would have loved to have been in London but I couldn’t I had guests traveling from far to visit me this summer so had to stay put. Bolt came and conquered as was expected. I was shouting and jumping for Bolt but my “slutty” heart was fantasizing about Blake the Beast. Truth be told if a girl had a choice I would be up all over the Beast not the Lightning Bolt. Love danger, yep but I love me my animals even more. Did I mention that I was counting down to my marriage?? Oops.

After the summer Olympics I have to be honest and say I had zero interest in the Para-olympics. I didn’t follow the Wembley tennis tournament that took place in the summer of 2012 either! Like seriously we the traveling black chicks didn’t have to whip out our passports to go anywhere this summer all the fun was right here.


I digress. So after all this “fun”. I still had my reality to deal with. My friend Ms. L traveled back home  to the islands where it all began for her and found inspiration, joy and tranquillity that she had clearly forgotten about. I plan on joining her in December 2012 for Christmas. That is if she is still there. My other friend T. Baby decided he was fed up with life in Canada and was moving back home to Africa. I’m happy to say he seems to have made the nice transition back home  without any glitches. He always said to me Ms K I know that my “guy/happiness” is back home. I didn’t get this. But now I do. Rock on dude. Go on with your fine self. Hope you find the guy you have been searching for.

Traveling is not about getting your passport out, packing your bags and going somewhere. It is also about being here in the moment and all the changes you feel or experience. I have been “far and wide” this summer. My emotional journey has been way too taxing on my poor soul. Friends who made drastic changes and moved on. I am in touch with these friends. Especially Ms L who seems to know when I need her comfort the most. Calls me from “home” long distance and all and just says “how are you?”.  Summer of 2012 I found so much comfort in that question and her calls I doubt she even gets it. Then there are those friends who traveled for “good” that journey that has no companion, no phone calls to say I’m good. Here is looking @ all of you the friends I lost Summer of 2012. J.M. you are still raw in my heart. I am in so much pain from your loss. I guess it’s because I now “get you”. Rock on dude and I hope you will find the peace you couldn’t find right here on earth. By the way J.M. Chelsea will continue to “kick” Newcastle United Football team’s ass! Now what??


Summer of 2012 I was supposed to be getting married. This traveling black chick settling down finally! Well we plan what we plan but God the almighty has bigger and better plans for us (I am still waiting for that better plan cause I am still single). It all fell apart. That relationship fell apart in 2012 summer time (channeling Gyptian’s Summer Time song here)    I was convinced he was the one. He was also convinced I was the one but by end of August 2012 we both knew we had been soooo wrong. We could have just gone ahead with this journey. After all who is to say if there is better to come or not. What didn’t help the situation was that I was fixated on a Jamaican dude who looked so much like Yohann Blake -I didn’t know the difference between my “fiancée and my fantasy dude-, my weakness as a traveling black chick. As I type this up I am taken back to that time in August 2012 when I thought this was the summer I would become Mrs blah blah. I tried to talk myself into ignoring all the things that were wrong about “me and him” for the sake of becoming Mrs. Blah blah. But I just couldn’t, so I walked away with much regret and a lot of pain.

Rebound is the best medicine. I journeyed into another adventure with my “Beast” look-alike. Those close to me could not even begin to understand what the crap I was doing. But hey a journey is a journey why the heck not. You see I seem to be attracted to Caribbean dudes (ok Jamaican) guys. Not the polished ones. Nope not me the rougher the better for me. Don’t psycho analyse me please ( we all have our own acts we are not proud of this is mine). I know what my issues are and I know what I am after. Nuff said.  Totally enjoyed the journey with my “Beast” but again just like all journeys that we embark on without clear direction and focus they go nowhere.

So as I type about my Summer 2012 journey I hope that yours was full of adventure, full of passport requiring trips or staying put trips that were fulfilling and exciting. Whether your summer journey was about a trip, a love affair or embarking onto the next chapter of life (marriage, birth etc). I pray that it brought about with it a growth in you. Something new. My summer of 2012 journey definitely did. As I now look forward to Fall of 2012 I smile and imagine the possibilities. I also have to pack my bags for a real trip back home to Africa.

Chat soon.

Ms K.


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