Curing the half life syndrome- Traveling Black Chicks Recommends…

Daily I speak to Black Chicks who are doing a hustle on the side but of course life gets in the way of their passions and so the JOB has to take precedence. I totally get it, even I find myself in a very similar scenario right now. Putting in ridiculous hours in a job at the moment so my ability to focus on the things I really want to do is very limited. However that has become a poor excuse for me and lately I have been having some serious heart to hearts with myself. It is no longer OK for me to use life as an excuse to not become the best that I know I can be.

Sad_Black_WomanI believe that in order to live our fullest lives it is important to commit ourselves to our dreams.  That’s not always easy to do, I know. Yet so many of us complain about the J.O.B (Just Over Broke), but are unwilling to push ourselves to take steps towards fulfilling what we know we are here to do. We find all the excuses in the world not to pursue our passions and we end up living what I have come to call ‘half lives’ (no not the video game lol); a life in which we simply exist but with a deep-rooted unhappiness that seeps into many other parts of our lives including our relationships. Sadly many of us are unaware of this and blame others and external situations for our unhappiness.

See I am thinking that if we committed even just the moments we spent complaining about what we don’t like in our lives on focused action towards our dreams we would be happier beings.

The wonderful gift of life is that we all have the gifts to help each other push through; the inspiration we seek is sometimes a friend or a link or a webinar away; I am reposting this video by Cher Jones Munroe because to me it was some powerful inspiration and a truth-telling like no other. (vid is a little long, watch in parts if you must…but watch it)

Hey Procrastepreneur, Presentation by Cher Jones at Podcamp Toronto 2012 from Peter Mykusz on Vimeo.

In addition the TBC’s recommend this upcoming webinar by Cher- A Woman whom we’ve never met but learnt so much from by virtue of her pursuit of her passions!- Click the photo below to read about her upcoming webinar on how to build an awesome  Linkedin Profile, a very powerful tool to help build your professional and small biz network!

Link into your Professional Power!

Link into your Professional Power!

Today join us and Declare, that in 2013 and beyond WE choose to be brave, WE step into the passion that burns inside US and WE dare to LIVE fully for OURselves and those We love.

What small step can you do today towards your dream?

We hope those of you who have taken the steps will join in the conversation even add some tips on how you’ve managed to push through and live your passion!

Till then we are always yours

The Traveling Black Chicks!


P.S We tried but we couldn’t have said it better than a man who has lived and sacrificed his life in dedication to his passion for country and people!

Nuff Said!

Nuff Said!

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3 comments on “Curing the half life syndrome- Traveling Black Chicks Recommends…

  1. I was just thinking about this video from when you first posted it. My sis and I have been accountability partners since I moved in w/ her. It’s been going well!

    • I am very happy to know that talk inspired you and your sis. Can you share one or two other points that have helped you commit to your dreams?

      • It’s really been having the accountability partner. We meet to discuss our goals (I didn’t realize how vulnerable this would be even with my sister) every so often. We put some of them on a dry erase board that is visible to us. And it’s just a constant conversation. If one of us is slipping, the other gives a gentle (and sometimes not-so-gentle) reminder of our goals.

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