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Rear Ended by Intuition- A Lesson on ‘Tuning In to You’…

I got a call last evening from a fellow Traveling Black Chick and contributor to this blog (when I harass her enough lol). I answered the phone in my usual chirpy tone when I know it’s her calling, and she responds sounding like she’d just been knocked over my a Mack truck. I immediately know something is wrong and surely enough I listen in horror as she goes on to tell me that she was rear-ended by a trailer truck on the highway! I’m sorry ‘WHAT?’  I am in shock as she recounts the story of seeing the truck, noting that it was too close in her rearview and realizing that she had nowhere to go or move in the same spilt second before being hit and propelled forward in her car.

Thankfully though her car caught the brunt of the damage (pretty much totalled), she only suffered minor injuries and her friends are ok but I was floored. My mind races with images of hearing -not even right away- that she was killed in this accident; that in what really was the blink of an eye my dear, dear friend could have been no more.

I write this not to be overly dramatic but because of something she also said in that conversation. She mentioned that initially when she set out on that trip she felt strongly that she should take a different route, but chose not to do so for various reasons. For me this is powerful because right there in living color is reinforcement about the importance of Listening to our Gut.

trust your hunches quoteLife Whispers, but many times even if it shouts we choose to not pay attention. As we get older I feel that our ‘guts’ become stronger and more forceful in its advice…IF we are attuned to it. Turns out there is a science to intuition. According to this article on Oprah.com  our intuition is really our own long-term memory bank of experience. I have seen first hand how many small and big disasters are avoided and opportunities unveil themselves when I listen and pay attention. Now I know this is a rather simplistic view; I mean who’s to say that an accident would not have happened on the other route as well? Regardless though, the fact that she felt so strongly about taking a different route and chose to ignore those feelings which then resulted in an accident to me speaks volumes about the power of intuition and our internal guide.

So this post is really a reminder to pay attention, tune in to you, as sometimes it can truly be the difference between life and death.

How about you what is your relationship with your Gut? Have you had any major hits &  misses after choosing to tune listen to (or not) to your gut? We’d love to hear your stories so do share below 🙂

Till then I am yours always

A Traveling Black Chick!


P.s Check in on the folks you love…let them know you love em…just because…

Some Extras

Click the link for some pretty cool tips on how to improve your gut listening skills!! http://www.wikihow.com/Follow-Your-Intuition

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