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WT’F’?!!… The Traveling Black Chicks 4 ‘Fs’ to Success…

It feels like I have been an entrepreneur all of my life. From since I can remember I have always marched to the tune of my own drums and knew that a J.O.B would not work for me. Believe me it’s not for the lack of trying, however the day I set out to work and ended up on a train to Niagara Falls was a pretty good indication to me that the 9-5 thing was not my gig.

For the past 15 or more years I have been working with myself and others, yes I have had to take a few jobs in between because even the best laid plans come undone and entrepreneurship contrary to the get rich stories told is a gruelling life choice but with its many pitfalls also come some seriously mind-blowing rewards!

There are keys though to making it as an entrepreneur many of which applies I believe to life in general if we are seeking success. Below are four F’s that almost always guarantees results…

Nuff Said.

Nuff Said.

F1- FOCUS: Believing myself to be the ultimate multi-tasker I have tried on numerous occasions to juggle starting a few projects at once. Even now as I write I am currently working a grind (J.O.B) while working on the launch of our company’s official website. Let me tell you this is not an easy task and almost ALWAYS something (usually your dream) ends up suffering. Besides just being exhausted from working too many hours, I find it sometimes extremely challenging to bring all that I have into perspective when my brain has to juggle the issues of the ‘grind’. When the J.O.B is paying the bills it is very easy for the passion, the drive and the Focus required for your personal success to go out the door. Focus is a decision and a commitment to do whatever it takes to Stay the course. This is not always easy especially when life demands your attention in so many directions but the reality of success comes with its own demands and brokers s no compromise. Make a decision to FOCUS on what is important to realize the success you seek.

F2 – FOLLOW-THROUGH/ FOLLOW-UP: This realization came to me some years ago as I worked through my first real business. Many still wonder how we were able to accomplish what we did in bringing such a massive production into Toronto and touring it in other cities. My answer is Follow-through (& Follow-up). On each and every single detail, on every call on every conversation on every email. There are so many pieces to the puzzle of success and our ability to keep on top of our decisions and our actions by following-up will see us to the other side.  If you say you are going to call do so (preferably on the time and day you said you will). If you say you will email or provide information do it. Even in the moments when you can’t stick to the schedule you set, let the affected parties know that you have not forgotten and you will be following-up at a later date. The consistent action of Following- through and Following-up on the little things is what makes the big things happen.

From a Master himself!

From a Master himself!

F3- FLEXIBILITY– This one was a tough lesson for me as I have a way that I want things done a certain excellence that I seek. However I have learned the hard way that even the best laid plans go awry. In most situations there are only so many things one can control therefore it is imperative to remain flexible. ‘The Only Constant is Change’, this saying has become somewhat cliché but it is soo true; in any given moment, life can throw us a curve, something so unexpected we could never have imagined. The ability to remain flexible and malleable helps us deal effectively with those unexpected moments that can derail our success. The right amount of flexibility in our approach allows us to view challenges as opportunities and create successes we never thought possible.



F4- FAILURE– Yes I said it. Failure is Key to success. For many years I was a paradox unto myself. One half of me was scared shitless of failure but within the other half of me lay a risk taking wanna-be daredevil who would go hang off a mountain just for fun. Those two personalities existed inside of me and for some time wreaked havoc on my psyche. Thankfully I have learned overtime that it is impossible to be a success without having failed.  Failure is probably one of the most despised words in the english vocabulary but it offers us such great opportunity. Embracing failure is about framing our losses and misses. If we can look at our so-called failures through the lens of opportunity they end up being great teachers for our future success. How else do we learn to do it better if we do not first learn what does not work. In every success story there lies alongside, tales of missed opportunities, major screw-ups and downright heartbreaking losses. However all of those great men and women are now glad to tell their stories of failure because they like me have come to realize that our failures provide the girding and wisdom required to take the next steps, towards the reality of our biggest life’s purpose!

So Embrace your FAILURES..look for the lessons and opportunities they provide and have faith that you are on the path to your wildest dreams come true!

There you have it the Traveling Black Chicks Four F’s for the journey to life success!

What about yours can you share a few key F’s  Or any other letter of the alphabet for that matter 🙂 to your success ! Let us know below!

Till then we are yours always
The Traveling Black Chicks


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