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Journeys In Love…

love-love-33915282-1920-1200We’ve had some incredible love stories in our lives…in this specific case we refer to amour of the romantic ilk.

I fall often usually for fellows that I have no business falling for…They more times than not look a certain way…tall, strong, Tall, they always project a certain amount of confidence and earthy sensuality and they are usually unavailable. That unavailability has never stopped me from falling… usually hard and fast seemingly the more unavailable the harder I fell for them who I had no business falling for.

Love is such a deep and strong emotion, at varying degrees it can rip us apart and in one smile can put us back together. Love or at least very strong infatuation has affected me immensely throughout the years. I have never been good at expressing said love in spoken words to the actual persons for whom my heart bled. The pen has always been my confessor and over the years I have amassed some truly intimate portraits of my mind and heart in love…. today I woke up thinking I want to share these for some reason. So this part of our Traveling Black Chicks Blog is dedicated to our and your Journeys in Love…You know the ups the downs the sideways…writings from our diaries of love requited and not, stories of yearning, and fulfillment, sadness and joy…stories that tell of the indelible scars that love has left on our hearts.

As always we extend the invitation to you…to share your love stories no matter what it be…for LOVE so strong, so deep, so impactful ought not be hidden but shared with the world no matter how forbidden….

The usual TBC rules apply.

We look forward to sharing….

Till then we are yours Always

The Traveling Black Chicks!

About Traveling Black Chick

A silent seeker. Living Loud! Fascinated with the world! Producer, Director, Writer, Traveler, Entrepreneur

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