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The Day After a Dream…

I wrote this entry the day after a particularly grueling pursuit. In many moments I thought this dream would never have come true. Canceled flights,  funding that never showed up, disappointments after disappointments that very nearly made me give up that dream. After one particularly daunting blow it was the words of an unlikely ally that pushed me forward...”The Show must go on. Right?” those were his words nothing new or ground breaking but the right words said at the right time can give new fervor when all seems lost….So the day after the show went on I wrote the following…

Here I sit on a quiet Sunday morning no idea what time it is…conscious of every sound of nature that blissfully surrounds me. I am at the home of one of my oldest and dearest friends; sitting on his couch on the island of my birth surrounded by the green opulence of nature, the abundance is overwhelming.

This journey has been a trip into myself. I find that I now sound like a born again Christian… every two minutes I am praising ‘The Grace of God‘ stating how I am ‘Richly blessed and highly favored‘, or how ‘There by the Grace of God’ I am here sitting in this place having pulled off what I can only describe as a fucking miracle…Yes I cursed and God understands and knows that in this instant it was required.

This baby was a tough birth but it was the most beautiful. It came out bruised and battered, sound trouble, no financing…but born it was; a dream plus determination, kindness, vision and the Grace of God (yep there goes God again).  Unless you’ve had a miracle in your life, like I’ve had every day for this past 6 months then I can’t explain this power and enhanced love of God. But I promise if you want it bad enough and you do the work the universe opens up in ways that even you will never imagine. I sit in thanksgiving for everyone who aligned themselves with this miracle.

J humbled me with his overwhelming kindness and the generous hard-working nature. G and H helped with attention and sponsors. FF was passionate about her company’s brand and as our sponsor went above and beyond for us. The performers put on an amazing show . FD saw us through the end. K lost faith just at the perfect time, for all things are as they should be. Thank you for the courage, the peace , the calm through the storm. Thank you for getting me through. I am indeed Richly Blessed and Highly Favored…

Lessons: You Can’t Have Faith & Worry. Faith does move mountains. No matter the ups, the downs, the sideways keep on pushing!


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