Leaving Antigua…Hustle Renewed

Last moments- Antigua

Last moments- Antigua

I am sitting on the balcony taking in the last moments of my time in lovely Antigua.  Relaxing, sad to leave in a few hours but anticipating my return to the Great White North, as I know there is much to do. A continuation on the path to financial freedom and personal empowerment through the growth and development of my businesses. This was a remarkable trip. I did what I set out to do. With the support of a great friend we enlightened and informed. I learnt about me some more…my heart was saddened as I chose to not settle for being an afterthought to any of the old loves that simultaneously came knocking at my door while I was there.

Great conversations…new friends & acquaintances…endless possibilities. I return ready to do the doing and pushing and making possible…I leave sad because the calm of the islands, the sun, the beach- a mere moment away-  the familiarity, the fresh clean air, the seemingly easy beingness will be thoroughly missed. The free un-coiffed spaces of the countryside will always be what I cherish most of these Caribbean lands.

Sadly I saw that the apathy and polarisation of politics plagues this lovely island as well,  but I was equally renewed by the spirit of the hustle. So many roadside markets and food stalls speaking of a very very strong spirit of entrepreneurship a do whatever it takes to make  something happen mentality. In watching these resilient people hawk their wares I was reminded  of being in Johannesburg South Africa where I saw one man turn one big bag of popcorn into many smaller bags so he could make a bit more. I had a revelation, that while the great white north offers many opportunities to hustle many of us are comfortable. Comfortable just existing…unwilling to push beyond our comfort zones to dig deeper and truly find out what we’re made of.  My friend Marci says its fear, a crippling fear that asks ‘how will I survive if?’ What if it does not work out? Worthy questions to be sure, but then I also wonder about that deep-rooted sadness that permeates a being who decides to stay in the comfort of their shit – what about the numbing, that comes with the fear, the ongoing sadness and depression that always creeps to the surface, is that not more scary to live with than taking the chance on your life? For me it is and so I left determined to expand my own personal circle and  find a way to increase my network of hustlers and doers…. I landed in Toronto with somewhat of a heavy heart as I realized that this lovely city is becoming more of a pit stop rather than home for me…and so I am looking forward to the next BIG flight out and the many smaller ones till then…

As always I am yours

A Traveling Black Chick


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5 comments on “Leaving Antigua…Hustle Renewed

  1. Great thoughts on comfort zones and fear. Food for thought. Thanks.

  2. BTW, Thanks for the Pingback! I’ve just seen it. My blog is really new and I’m just working this all out! Thank you for your support.

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