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Bridges to Kilimanjaro-

Since deciding to take on Kilimanjaro I have read quite a bit on what should be done in advance to getting there. One of the biggest doubts that tend to plague me about this journey is whether I will have the endurance and the stamina to do the climb. Having read a few blogs and now reading a fascinating and inspiring book written by Mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer (who also happens to be blind) I have realized that while Kilimanjaro does not require any particular climbing skills per se, it does require some level of fitness.

I have been sitting on my ass all year…My eating habits thankfully are never extremely terrible (then again there was all that cow and pigs feet souse in the summer), mostly I tend to eat lean so at least I had that going for me.

I tend to be a mover mostly, but sometimes I can take being sedentary to a whole new level. This goal of Kilimanjaro has put some much-needed fire back in my butt and I recently got back on the mat (exercise mat that is) and today took my first long walk – something I had not done in a very very long time.

From what I read it is recommended that anyone interested in climbing Kili should exercise a minimum of 2-3 times a week for at least 40 minutes; plus adding some walking/ hiking to the mix only makes sense since the trek is all walk all the way up to over Nineteen Thousand Ft (19, 430 ft to be exact).

Today I went all out…did 45 minutes on the mat with Pilates plus some push-ups and a  plank plus plank push-ups; then I walked / hiked for 1 hour and 46 minutes. The walk/hike turned out to be fun I added some climbing elements where I could trekking across the big boulders that line the shore of Lake Ontario. Then walked up the incline to the top of what could be considered a steep hill over-looking the lake.  I was happy for that small but solid hike element. Along the way I encountered 2 bridges which I decided to make symbolic hallmarks of my journey to Kilimanjaro. The first bridge was smaller and symbolized to me the smaller goal of first getting to the base of kilimanjaro – Marangu Gate – both physically and mentally getting myself there. The bigger bridge I decided would symbolize the beast that is Kili and what I hope will one day be a mountain conquered.

My lunch and dinner were both healthy with complex carbs plus chicken for protein. I topped of the day with a little treat of some French Vanilla ice cream (who can resist french vanilla?!) A good Day all in all, images below offer a glimpse of the day.

What of your journeys how do you train for the big ones? Do Share in the comments below…

Till next time I am yours always A Traveling Black Chick




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