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A Mountain of a Challenge to Face Myself

We are coming to the end of 2013, I am not yet ready to give an assessment of the year because there is still time to dig a little deeper. I discovered a lot about me in what has gone of the year thus far and as usual though my thoughts and musings did not make it to the blogosphere it did make it onto the numerous journals and project books I had along for the ride. I think writing the old-fashioned way (good old pen and paper) will always trump the ‘keys’ for me. Sucks when you have a blog. I have discovered the reason though; it’s because for me like so many others, writing is therapy. In moments of angst nothing beats a quick pen to paper to get it all out and get on with the day.  I literally feel the negativity and anxiety or joy and gratitude oozing out of my hands as the pen makes its way across the paper and my feelings do battle on the page.  This is not to excuse my lack of writing on the blog, it’s simply stating things as they are. For the blog I lack discipline, the thought of simply signing in and writing is seemingly too much at moments and at others I just plain old don’t wanna!

I think coming face to face with this reality- this seeming lack of discipline- is what has prompted me to challenge myself as I draw to the end of 2013. Life waltzed in as it is wont to do, and took the form of a happy family occurrence to facilitate this new adventure.  I am thrilled to say a BIG journey and personal challenge is about to take shape.

The initial journey was simple enough a trip to the African Continent,  yet where I was going to visit on the continent provided an overwhelming opportunity to challenge myself  that as it turns out I can’t seem to pass up. I was becoming increasingly wary as 2013 flew by that I had turned into (or was certainly turning into) a wus!  Fearful or less willing to challenge life, almost like I was giving in. As I wallowed close to disgust at this emerging softer, less intense me, this remarkable opportunity came a whispering asking (no, demanding) that I choose to challenge myself to live life at a higher level.  I have decided to get up and go do battle in the arena that is life.  Or in other words since I was going to be there anyways I decided that I will hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and in so doing hopefully find some yet undiscovered spaces within myself most notably that of endurance and maybe even the ever elusive discipline!

Being The Change…

Through short posts images and maybe the occasional vids, I will take you along my exciting adventure as I work to raise funds for my trip. In addition I hope to help raise awareness  for 3 causes in the 3 countries that inform or in some way impact my life on this journey!


Waitukubuli- Dominica -Tall is her body

Waitukubuli- Dominica -Tall is her body

As the land of my birth and grounding, Dominica is never far from my heart, the majestic mountains rising beautiful and strong from the Caribbean and Atlantic waters were always a source of  inspiration & strength for me growing up. Thus it is my intention to raise awareness for a cause on the island (still to be determined). Most likely one impacting youth as much of my confidence as a youth was forged on the island. After spending some time in Dominica last year I came to realise that  the youth are currently the most disenfranchised and disillusioned on the island.  An organization that impacts their life at crucial points can help change the trajectory or their lives.


Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

As the land of my becoming and  freedom (to think, to be, to dream) I want to impact the lives of young black women in this land and inspire them to dare. I want to help raise awareness for an organization that informs them that they live in a land where their dreams are possible and they should break down every door and every barrier (perceived or otherwise) to reach those dreams!


Mount Kilimanjaro- The Roof of Africa- 19, 340 ft above sea level!

Mount Kilimanjaro- The Roof of Africa- 19, 340 ft above sea level!

Finally as the land who will gift me with the experience of Kilimanjaro and more importantly the experience to challenge and face myself I want to give back to Tanzania in some small small way. I am still learning about this country and so still determining what type of organization I would like to support there.

Stay tuned to this space to discover and learn more about the charities that are eventually chosen and to support them in whatever way you can!

I am excited, nervous, downright scared and ecstatic about this decision and this journey.  Inside I can feel rumblings of movement towards focus on this singular goal.  It has been a very internal journey thus far as until today I had not yet announced to many people the decision to go ahead with the trek. I believe it will continue to be a very powerful internal trek and I look forward to what I will discover! Now that there is a focus to the writing I anticipate that there will be more of it so I look forward to sharing the journey with you…

Till the next one I am yours always A Traveling Black Chick


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One comment on “A Mountain of a Challenge to Face Myself

  1. Amazing how much we can go through in a year!

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