Journey to Kilimanjaro- The Invitation to a Wedding!

It was a most unbelievably pleasant and unexpected surprise when earlier in the year I received an invitation to the wedding of one of my cousins! As weddings go I don’t mind them, I always love seeing folks profess undying love for each other and I hope along with them that it will indeed last forever.  I was thrilled for my cousin as I read through the initial invitation noting that is was at the end of the year, that the groom’s name suggested he was probably of continental African descent and then scrolling down through the names and numbers I saw it! LOCATION- As if like a beacon of light calling to me I noted the location to be in Tanzania!!!!!!! I had to read it a few times to ensure that I was reading correctly and sure enough I was. OMG my cousin had just given me the perfect end to the year.  As usual in that moment i had no clue how I was getting there but right at that moment I knew I was gonna get there!!! WOOT WOOOO I am going to Africa! TANZANIA here I come! Now, how exactly was I going to afford to get there?! Life answers….

The Invitation that started it all...

The Invitation that started it all…

What about you, what inspires your big journeys? How do you decide where to hit next are they generally fuelled by something else? Do Share in the comments below!

As always I am yours A Traveling Black Chick!


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2 comments on “Journey to Kilimanjaro- The Invitation to a Wedding!

  1. I have three dream trips, South Africa, Ghana and Australia. I think they will all be possible but have some other things to work out first. I can’t wait to hear about your adventure when you come back, because knowing you, you will be going!

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