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My Money Demons & A Detour to the Dream…

20131107_093153I stepped away from a contract this week. It was the contract that would have secured my journey – the flight at least to Tanzania. Crazy I KNOW but somehow I ended up making that decision, recognizing it’s implications and choosing to go ahead  any way. On the surface I had made peace with deciding to release the contract. There was a lot of back and forth with the process including changing dates of payments etc; all of which I know happens with contracts by the way, so clearly those were only the front end issues. In digging a little deeper on my mid morning 2.5 hour trek I learned that the reasons for walking away ran a lot deeper.

Read This Book!

Read This Book!

To put this post in context I am in the middle of redesigning my business and in doing so have found a number of kindred spirits and Digital mentors have shown up with just the right message to guide the process. I have recently become what can only be termed a ‘groupie’ of a digital entrepreneur named Natalie Sisson, she is an Amazon Best selling Author, Chief Adventurer and Owner of Suitcase Entrepreneur a movement/business that arms people with the tools and resources to ‘Create Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life!’  I can rave on and on about her book The Suitcase Entrepreneur which speaks to my dreams like nothing else has done in quite some time but this is not the post for that (although there will be one). I mention her in this post because of a recent podcast she held with another Author and digital maven Kate Northrup. Kate’s book is called Money A Love Story and is described as ‘a uniquely kind and rollicking guide to get your finances back on track’.

It was 2am in the morning when I found this podcast, I’d been going all day, working on re-intentioning my business with the help of Natalie’s fantastic book. I was tired, my body was aching from an intense workout I had done the day before,  yet I listened to this podcast. In part because Kate was remarkably fun and engaging, but more importantly because money and I have had quite the contentious relationship, and as I get clear about the kind of life I want to lead from here on end (hint-hint 2 words starts with S & E)  it is important that I figure out how to make that relationship better.

Kate offered many good strategies and ideas  in the podcast but the main point that had me facing my money demons on that walk was one of her three tips  to start changing our relationship with money immediately.  One process included first identifying and writing down the most pressing and recurring financial frustration throughout our livesthen also identify some of the things we had heard about money growing up (things like money doesn’t grow on trees, money is the root of all evil, we can’t afford it etc.) and finally she asked that we identify our first memory having to do with money from childhood.

Money-A-Love-StoryOnce we’d done those three things she advised that we review what we wrote down to see if there is a relationship between that first money memory and our most pressing frustration with money today.  Reason being our beliefs create our actions and those beliefs are formed very early in life. Example if there is a belief that there is never enough (created from an atmosphere of lack in our childhoods) then we will act accordingly and this will manifest in our present day lives. Thus changing our beliefs so our actions are aligned with our beliefs will lead to a better relationship with money.

This is not new information, it annoyed me to no end that I have heard this idea countless times however like most things it’s all about timing. Sometimes we are simply not ready to truly understand deeply what a particular message means until it resonates with a bigger goal or dream.  In my case probably because Kilimanjaro now hung in the balance Kate’s chat shook me enough  to be strongly lodged in my consciousness as I started my morning walk.  I wanted to figure out why I had walked away from that contract even if it would have ensured at least the trip to Kilimanjaro….

This was turning out to be a very long post so I decided to split it in two…Click here for part 2

See you on the flip…till then I am yours always

A Traveling Black Chick


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