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Thankful to be 38 and Feeling Great!

ContentmentThankful and feeling doubly blessed. 38 today and thrilled to be healthy, active and peacefully placed. Thankful in this moment for all that I am blessed with. Thankful for hands that are connected to heart that allows expression deep and true. Thankful for constant self discovery and love and growth. Thankful for strong, enduring, loving friendships that even after years we can stay up all night talking into the wee hours and early morning; sharing honestly, excitedly, hopefully. It is the best blessing EVER! Thank you so so much for this love.

Thankful for new friendships and fruitful connections that allow me to grow and expand. Non-contrived, non-agenda just organic growth and beauty. Thank You. Thankful for breath and finding peace and silence safely within the chaos. Thankful for life renewing hope and clear direction. Thank you for the possibility of new spaces and beginnings. It makes sense that the last pages of this journal are written in hope and thanksgiving for another year of life, of blessings and abundance. of joy and fulfillment, of looking forward in fantastic anticipation and knowing. I am so truly and amazingly blessed to be anchored in love.

In this moment I am thankful. Sometimes these moments are scary because I wonder if they are too much; if they are an extreme high leading to an extreme low and I am happy to report that No in reality it is a constant place of love and gratitude that sustains even through the low moments, the unknowing moments. Thankful for that place deep within that knows all is well in my world. That the answers are within and it is ok to shut out the noise in order to receive them. Thank you for strong limbs and strong muscle memory. Thank you for  courage and determination, trust and knowing that I will get there. That daily I am on the path and living my dreams. That I will do what it takes to make them happen. That they are mine and I can and will make them happen. That the road will be windy and odd and scary and challenging but in my heart I know thy will, my will be done.


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A silent seeker. Living Loud! Fascinated with the world! Producer, Director, Writer, Traveler, Entrepreneur

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