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A Journey Continues – Up to Kilimanjaro!

Continuing the Journey to the Top – Dubai Edition

Now might probably be a good time to mention that I have since moved cities and now live in the UAE! Yeah…lol, I know, I know, I do owe you quite a few updates indeed! BUT Let’s not lose focus here, this post is about Kilimanjaro remember.

It became clear to me after the first meeting with the coordinator from TrekUp Dubai, -the company who organized the climb- that while Kilimanjaro is considered one of the less difficult climbs of the world’s 7 summits, it is still very much a challenge. After asking a few questions about my umm non-existent fitness practice, I could tell by his reaction that he was skeptical about my prospects. For sure even I was skeptical, especially after listening to the adventures and fitness practices of the other would be trekkers on the climb.  I was definitely not in good shape physically and probably had no business attempting that climb with only 2 months to train. But Kili stood right in front of me, she was closer than she’d ever been, it seemed all the ancestors had aligned to ensure that I made the trek, all the elements were in place, ( I had the funds, I had the time, I was relatively close to Tanzania). Everything that had stopped me before was no longer an obstacle. Plus the climb was to happen during my birthday week and if I was lucky I would summit on the night of my birthday!! There was no way I was not going to do this, I absolutely refused to talk myself out of this journey. Plus ignorance is true bliss they say, and so I decided, I would do whatever I had to, to get fit enough to climb that mountain!


Girl you better werk!!

I got focused and challenged myself. I don’t believe I ever pushed myself so hard physically in my life. I did everything I could, from daily 3 hour early morning treks, weekly stairs in a 45 storey  building, a two week intensive functional training program, plus a few dance classes and swimming here and there to mix it up bit.  As for my diet, it drastically changed, not just what I was eating, but how I was eating also. After checking with my doctor who gave me a clean bill of health -except for my low hemoglobin- I also included a bit more red meat to enhance my iron intake.

Being able to do that trek meant the world to to me and so I dug deep and most times I made no excuses – hey I never said I was perfect! lol.  By the time we were ready for take-off I had pushed myself as hard as I could and in the end I did find that there was a small but significant change in my body and fitness levels. But, was it enough? That we’ll save for another post… 🙂

For now I gotta Shout Out my warrior women friends (Jyoti and Aisha) who were great motivators and occasionally joined me on my treks and workouts!

Check out a small snapshot of my fitness and health Kili journey- final leg, in the vid below!

Till Then I am yours always in adventure

A Traveling Black Chick


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