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Traveling Black Chick- An Update!

TBC Followers!! Are you still there??? Has it really been 4 years since I last posted. I guess I must have been tired, huh! I have made peace with the fact that the desire to both write and read is not a constant for me and developing the discipline to do so even when I don’t want to, is now part of my journey. Needless to say it feels good to be writing to you now in this moment.

My people!  Sooo much has happened since 2015, so much that I should share in honor of the vision and promise of this blog.  I imagine that many of you must have moved on to more exciting bloggers and adventures by now. BUT whether or not you are still there, i feel that I owe you an account of at least the major adventures  and there’s definitely been a few of those! Including the one I am literally living right now! The wisdom of age has me no longer making promises I can’t keep; but that same wisdom has taught me that discipline makes wise promises. So here today, I am promising to update you on a journey I feel you are owed. After-all you were with me when it was a silent hope first expressed on this blog; with me as I took on the goal with gusto and attempted to raise funds, alongside creating the ‘NO MEANS STOP’ campaign, to raise awareness about consent;  with me when I lost steam and simply disappeared, when i could not stay the path. With me through it all so it seems only fitting that I share the end (or beginning) of that beautifully fated journey with you.

So! Do ya’ll remember the mountain? You know, the tallest peak in Africa, highest freestanding in the world; remember that dream from over 5 years ago? Well folks, guess where I ended up in the week leading up to my birthday in 2018? Yaaass! In that week of my 42nd birthday I was blessed to have had one of the most beautiful, difficult and rewarding adventures of my life. I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro!

Somewhere on Kili

Day 2 of the trek- These dramatic looking trees are in Kilimanjaro’s moorland vegetation zone which is found 3000 mabsl

It is now almost a year since I made that trek, and finally I feel ready to share the journey. I am not sure why it took me so long to get to this moment of releasing that story and sharing it with you, maybe as I share it that answer will come to me; but it feels divinely right to be here at this moment typing with the intention to tell you all about it!


In an effort not to bore you with long posts I will break up the journey according to the photo and video stories that I managed to capture on my way to the top. At the time of the trek my intention was to vlog my way through the journey, but I seem not to have the stamina to keep a camera on for every waking moment and movement of my life. However I did manage to capture a few short video clips that provide perfect bookends for key moments on the trip. I also did a few journal entries on my phone that will help jog my memory as well.  I imagine this retelling will be a mixed bag of photos and vids added to loose recollections of the most visceral moments  and lessons on my Kili journey. A journey that had me feeling feels I had never felt before, and ultimately made me fall in love with this big mountain, even as she chewed me up and spat me out whole.  So let’s jump right in, I hope you enjoy this Traveling Black Chick’s Kilimanjaro adventure in review. Click Next post for the tea!

Till then, I am yours always, in adventure.

A Traveling Black Chick





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