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Sunkiss Rose Journeys Through Motherhood

Motherhood is remarkable. If not for mothers none of us would be here. It seems fitting that a few days after we celebrate Mothers day in the Americas, we welcome the writings on the journey of a new mother to our blog.

Sunkiss Rose loves to live life fully, in everything she does she exudes an effervescent and enthusiastic energy. This is no less true about her journey through motherhood. In January 2011 her daughter Bethany Nyla was born and for Sunkiss Rose that momentous event brought to her life remarkable joy and love. Like all things in life Motherhood is a journey and so Sunkiss Rose has joined the Traveling Black Chicks blog as the Mommy traveler. In her entries she shares this journey with us as ‘Conversations with My Daughter’ a series of profound thoughts and wisdom that she will eventually compile into a wonderful gift for Bethany.

Sunkiss Rose and her joy, Bethany

Sunkiss Rose also writes about her journey on her Facebook group page for moms and their little ones called Mommy and Me

One comment on “Sunkiss Rose Journeys Through Motherhood

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