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Adventures on the Journey to our Dreams….

a single dreamWe all have them, they take many forms…many imprint on our hearts from even before we were born it seems and no matter how hard we try we can’t escape them. Others find their way into our hearts as we make our journey through life. Some doggedly pursue us remaining an elusive presence pushing us in directions to find it sometimes to no avail…others fight with us, every day a battle in pursuit, a driving force within that insists it is through us that it must be birthed and it seems that only through their birthing do we become our fully realized selves…

This section of our blog is dedicated to those ever elusive, ever-present Dreams that follow us into our waking lives. Those visions of ourselves that drive us to wake up each day to make ‘something’ come true. Some of us are not aware that we are pursuing a dream per se to many of us it may seem like just life, daily life. Others of us may have given up-   leaving all those hopeless dreams behind so we can save our sanity-  no time for these pesky dreams we say choosing instead to settle for what we perceive to be the ‘reality’ of our lives. Yet if we are honest we know that something is missing. Even others seem not to have ever been given a choice in the matter by circumstance and existence the pursuit is inevitable…too bad it is such a rocky and seemingly dangerous road.

As it turns out Dream Pursuit is not for the those with a weak heart or constitution…the inevitable dips,  the incredible highs, the heart-wrenching lows. The willingness to grab life and forsaking all else, in relentless pursuit of what our life demands of us what our heart truly desires is scary stuff.  Life immersing stuff. No matter the size of the dream from the seemingly mundane to the incredibly unbelievable dream pursuit comes with its own inevitable risks and guarantees:

You Will Have to Get Naked, with yourself at least and maybe even with others: It turns out that Truth the stark naked truth  is  the only way to discover what it is you must pursue

You Will Be Disappointed– Oh there is no doubt – what you thought you knew, who you thought you knew will always show up differently than you expected and as humans are wont to do, we mourn deeply for the things and people we thought we knew.

You Will Be Surprised– Pleasantly so, even- though these little moments only ever show up when we are able to release those pesky expectations, ideas and plans of what we think our dream should look or be like. Or on other words in most cases it usually lands us where we need to be not where we wanted to be…which incidentally almost always aligns with our spirit and brings us peace.

It will be more than you would ever imagine– Many a weary Dream Pursuer who has stayed the course and made it to the other side have been heard to mumble ‘Oh I never imagined it would be like this…!’

You will never be the same for having come through the fire of its pursuit….and that’s all we’re gonna to say about that.

So we dedicate this space to the world-weary tales of all us fearless warriors pursuing the monkeys on our backs, in pursuit of a vision of ourselves that wakes us up each day and forces us to push through the haze…

on dreamers

We invite you to share your ups, your downs, your upside down journeys to your dream! Click on the Submit your adventures tab up there and let us cheer you on as you pursue your vision of you! The Usual TBC Rules apply…

We look forward to hearing from and sharing with you!

Till then, we are yours…

The Traveling Black Chicks!


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