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Conversations with my Daughter- To Thine Own Self Be True

Bethany of the many values that I am going to instill in you as you get older, one of the most important one that you must learn is to always be true to your self. Being true to your self means being honest with where you are in life. Regardless of the challenges you will face in life and there will be many, knowing who you are and what you are up against will enable you to get through anything. As I write these words to you, I am at a point in my life where I realize I have everything I need to be happy in my life.

Me and my joy - Bethany

I have been blessed with the greatest miracle that I’ve prayed for and that is you. My life now takes on a new meaning, I no longer see the importance of holding on to things or to people for I have you in my life. God is so faithful and I can finally say that I am being true to myself and to you. Bethany our journey together has started and the future looks so bright, I now face each day with renewed hope and the assurance that everything is going to be just fine.

Bethany I want to take you to so many places, including South Africa, Miami, Jamaica to name a few. I want to expose you to the beautiful world that we live in. I want you to experience the joy that is yours to behold. This journey will be one that you will remember. As you get older and we travel to different places you will come to understand why I take you to these different places. For I want you to be exposed to different cultures and also develop in you a compassion for others. Bethany my wish for you is that you find a way to help others as you get older. In the meantime sit back and enjoy the ride.

I glance your way and notice that you are sleeping peacefully in your bouncer, you look so beautiful, I wish I could know what you are dreaming or that I might be in your dreams. Your getting so big right before my eyes, your already 4 months, my how time flies. It was just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time. Bethany may God continue to bless and keep you always, and may you always remain true to yourself.

Always in Love

Your Mom

a travelin’ black chick

Sunkiss Rose

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