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Conversations with my daughter- What’s in a Name…

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – William Shakespeare

You’re not too young to feel my love for you, but you’re too young to read these words that I am writing to you nevertheless I will not stop having these conversations with you, in time you will be able to read them until then I will continue to do what I am doing which is find ways to make you feel my love as well continue to write these conversations to you.

While I sit here writing my thoughts down I take a quick glance your way, you are sleeping peacefully in your bouncer. I take it all in – in this moment in time I am overwhelmed with joy and feel so blessed to have such a miracle as you are to call my own.

Way before you were born, I knew I wanted your first name to be Bethany. The name Bethany is a place in the Bible; it is a place by which Jesus performed a remarkable miracle, Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead. A miracle so profound made me believe that with Jesus all things are possible and so I decided to give you the name Bethany as you are my miracle baby.

Bethany Nyla

Years before you came to be, I started to tell everyone that one day I would have a daughter and her name would be Bethany. Many thought I was crazy to give my child such an old-fashioned name, nonetheless I felt that, that name choice would be perfect for my daughter, God is so faithful on Jan 15, 2011 at 2:49 in the morning you were born.

Bethany I knew I wanted you to have a middle name since I never had one I wanted you to have one. During my pregnancy I thought of a lot of middle names but none of them seemed to be right for you, until one day while on my way to school I noticed a poster with the name Nyla written on it. Something about that name felt right with me, when I had a chance to go on the computer and look up its meaning I saw that it meant champion. The name Nyla represented what I wish for you to be and that is a champion.

Bethany Nyla, I pray that these names that I have chosen for you, provides you with the guidance, wisdom and strength you will need as you go through the various stages of your life.

Your Mom

a travelin’ black chick

Sunkiss Rose

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