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Who is a Traveling Black Chick?

She is an adventurous spirit…wait, wait all you so-called timid souls  who feel we can’t possibly be referring to you. Why? Is it because you would never don a backpack and camp in the middle of the Serengeti, or drop everything in your current life and start afresh in a totally different space? Well I’ll have you know that this spot is especially for you. You need but only understand that a journey is not only defined as one taken by train or bus or plane or even car.  This space is for you if you understand that a journey is as simple as realizing a new thought…a new way to be.

A Traveling Black Chick is not constrained to labels; but if you need them then she is sophisticated, bohemian, corporate, tribal, she is sexy and bold, tenacious and shy an introvert, an extrovert. I could go on but whatever she is, regardless of the labels thrown at her, in her heart she desires to discover worlds that are beyond her present state of being.

She is external and internal, understanding that all true journeys begin in her soul. She longs and lives always for new experiences, movements, knowings, spaces, people, thoughts and ideas, stillness and growth. Most importantly however, she is willing to do whatever it takes to make her journey happen.

So Come now…you are a traveling black chick and we both know it. Our ancestors were traveling the globe eons before some were forcibly taken across the Atlantic. We are wanderers, journey-women for whom the earth is our playground. So share your tales of journeys in and out…to worlds beyond your wildest imaginings, tell us all about it. The good, the bad, the wonderful. Send us your pics, your musings and writings, video logs and everything that speaks to ALL your travels. We will cherish them and share with the world all Your Great Adventures!

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