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Erotique Adventures of Traveling Black Chicks

Welcome to the sexy side of traveling black chicks…our blog is about journeys, human journeys in all forms. In acknowledging who we are as black chicks we choose to express all parts of ourselves, our emotional selves, our physical selves our spiritual selves and last but certainly not least our sexual selves.

Here black chicks can explore all things sensual from stories to our favorite sexy thoughts, books, positions and then some. The Erotique Adventure stories editor Ketiwe, invites travelin’ black chicks to let go and explore their beautiful sexy minds, bodies and spirits. Whether it’s a fantasy or a real adventure is unimportant, what is important is a willingness to let go, to enjoy and to celebrate the beauty of our sexy, sensual selves.

TBC Erotique Adventures is a safe space for black chicks who dare to share…. 

the rules

As with other parts of the site we edit only for grammar. Once the content is given the green light it is published as submitted.

Content belongs solely to the Authors and does not reflect the point of view or necessarily the adventures of the Black Chick Group

All Authors will use pen names in order to prevent harassment or undue stress unless the choose not to.

You must be 18 or over to view the contents of this section of the site.

To Submit content for Erotique Adventures of Traveling Black Chicks click here

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