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Lucy Inside & Out

Chicks me all smilesI used to be an all out extrovert until I became an introvert…hence the reason why for the 4 years this blog has been in existence and throughout my writings I have never signed my name in full and well if you’re not paying attention you might miss who I actually am. While I am all over the blog…in videos and pics, I have never really introduced myself. Tonight, only in trying to organize or reorganize the blog was I forced to create an actual introductory page for myself so that I could document a particular journey.

In many ways I want to live out loud but in other ways the introvert I have become would prefer if I remain quietly behind my initials. I started blogging after what for me was a big loss in my life and got tired of internalizing the pain. So I guess I went to next extreme which was to just put it all out there…the feelings, the shame, the disappointments just laid to bare.  This blog emerged out of my original personal blog. I tried maintaining both but when I extended the idea of the this blog to include life’s journeys (not just travel) then it made sense to put everything here.

So hi, I’m Lucy Hamlet…founder and creator of this corner of the WWW.  I write about what’s going on inside me and around me, what moves me, what makes me grow, what keeps me passionate. Regardless of where I find myself, be it on a plane, in a park, on the bus or at home, for me it’s all a journey. I would never call myself a writer but I am always writing, I find great healing from it. I enjoy sharing other’s stories and have tried sometimes successfully and other times not to get my friends and those whom I admire to share their journeys as well. The dream is still alive to actually have a real TBC Show!  I love life, love being alive even in my most preferred quiet and alone moments I am enjoying the journey that is life.  So this blog and my writings are dedicated to the ups, the downs, the ins, the outs and all the inbetweens. Thanks for coming along for the crazy ride….

One comment on “Lucy Inside & Out

  1. Hi Lucy, it is very nice that you are doing this. In the awkeningness of each day, let us join hearts and thank the Lord for the wonderful things that He has done. For keeping us through the night season, and blessing us with a brand new day. Each step of the day, let us find something to thank the Lord for. Then we will be blessed, be happy, be bold, be strong, be loved and much more… Let us create the kind of day we want to have by thanking God first of all…. Continue to be blessed as you impact the lives of people around you daily. God bless you.

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