Seeing the World. Being the Change

When deciding on the mission and tag line for the traveling black chicks we felt that it needed to embody the essence of what we wanted to do but at the same time be concise and simple. Thus Seeing the World. Being The Change.

Seeing The World is obvious and indicative of us being aware and engaged as we journey through the internal and external worlds in which we exist. While journeying it is our goal to stop complaining about the things in our lives that challenge us but rather take an eyes wide open view and fully participate and live in it.

The words of the second part of our tag are obviously influenced and taken from Mahatma Gandhi‘s famous saying...” be the change you want to see in the world”. We believe that as part of our journeys whether internal or external we should always have impact. For our internal journeys the impact will more than likely affect ourselves but depending on what it is can also impact the world and people around us. Consciously we are to be vocal and active about the causes, ideas changes that we believe in.

It is not a coincidence that we have chosen the Action Verbs (Seeing & Being) as the core of our tag. They are chosen because we understand that fundamentally for anything to happen in life we must take ACTION, we must DO.

It is our intention to engage in both these activities with total enthusiasm. We, all of us Traveling Black Chicks who enjoy movement and the ride that life is want to see the world. It is equally important that we are the change we do not simply want to make the journey, we want to leave a positive footprint.

To that end In the sub-pages in this menu we list the causes, ideas and change agents that we are interested in and choose to support. Each Traveling Black Chick will use this space to raise awareness and funds for the causes that are meaningful to them. We may do anything from listing fund-raising events and activities to selling items to raise funds or simply just write about the cause.

We also will donate where possible from the sales of our merchandise, and so special sales on behalf of the causes we support. Hope you will join us in making our world the place of prosperity and peace for everyone, everywhere.

We are yours always!

Traveling Black Chicks

2 comments on “Seeing the World. Being the Change

  1. I really like your blog by the way from one traveller to another!

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