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Traveling Black Chick- An Update!

Traveling Black Chick- An Update!

TBC Followers!! Are you still there??? Has it really been 4 years since I last posted. I guess I must have been tired, huh! I have made peace with the fact that the desire to both write and read is not a constant for me and developing the discipline to do so even when I […]

Digging Deeper into VAW with Tropicana Community Services

Although we have the Canadian and World Stats on Violence Against Women…I felt it was important to dig a little deeper to find out more about the issue in the Communities the #NoMeansStop Journey to Kilimanjaro is meant to serve. I recently met with the phenomenal team of Tropicana Community Organizations VAW Services who answered […]

Conversations on Consent- Ladies on Assault

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR Fellow Travellers and Life Livers!!! It’s been a while since I have written. You are still owed a report on my first Conversations on Consent with the Young Men…it is coming, for some reason I am finding it hard to just spit that one out. I realize that my need to […]

For Immediate Release- Kilimanjaro Climb Supported by Tropicana Community Services

Toronto, ON December 17th 2013. Lead writer and creator of Traveling Black Chicks Blog Lucy Hamlet, is headed on an adventure of a lifetime to raise awareness for Violence Against Women and a Girl’s Right to Consent. The No Means Stop! Climb to Kilimanjaro is being undertaken as part of her Blog’s Journeys for Change […]

AMANDLA! NGAWETHU! – Thank You Madiba!

My first conscious awareness of South Africa is the strong thrust of a fist pumped into the air accompanied by a passionate shout of the word AMANDLA! Followed by a sonorously loud and equally passionate response from large and swarming crowds screaming ‘NGAWETHU!’ I did not know what those words meant at the time when […]

Kilimanjaro – A Woman’s Right to Consent

As you all know I had some initial thoughts around the types of Charities for which I would help raise awareness with my climb to Kilimanjaro. However sometimes things happen in life that allow you to get crystal clear. In the past few weeks since announcing the climb much has happened, the postponement of the […]

Leaving Antigua…Hustle Renewed

I am sitting on the balcony taking in the last moments of my time in lovely Antigua.  Relaxing, sad to leave in a few hours but anticipating my return to the Great White North, as I know there is much to do. A continuation on the path to financial freedom and personal empowerment through the […]