Inspired Journeys

Kilimanjaro – A Woman’s Right to Consent

As you all know I had some initial thoughts around the types of Charities for which I would help raise awareness with my climb to Kilimanjaro. However sometimes things happen in life that allow you to get crystal clear. In the past few weeks since announcing the climb much has happened, the postponement of the […]

Leaving Antigua…Hustle Renewed

I am sitting on the balcony taking in the last moments of my time in lovely Antigua.  Relaxing, sad to leave in a few hours but anticipating my return to the Great White North, as I know there is much to do. A continuation on the path to financial freedom and personal empowerment through the […]

WT’F’?!!… The Traveling Black Chicks 4 ‘Fs’ to Success…

It feels like I have been an entrepreneur all of my life. From since I can remember I have always marched to the tune of my own drums and knew that a J.O.B would not work for me. Believe me it’s not for the lack of trying, however the day I set out to work […]

Rear Ended by Intuition- A Lesson on ‘Tuning In to You’…

I got a call last evening from a fellow Traveling Black Chick and contributor to this blog (when I harass her enough lol). I answered the phone in my usual chirpy tone when I know it’s her calling, and she responds sounding like she’d just been knocked over my a Mack truck. I immediately know something is wrong […]

Curing the half life syndrome- Traveling Black Chicks Recommends…

Daily I speak to Black Chicks who are doing a hustle on the side but of course life gets in the way of their passions and so the JOB has to take precedence. I totally get it, even I find myself in a very similar scenario right now. Putting in ridiculous hours in a job […]