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To whom does black lives matter

When this slogan, affirmation, demand, chant first came out in the wake of the Michael Brown murder i was averse to it. I thought but to whom are we saying this? Why do we need to tell them black lives matter…i felt as though by stating this we were asking for them to see us […]

I checked a bully…male micro-aggressions

A 17 year old boy tried to bully me on the bus yesterday….he called me ugly, said I had a big forehead. Why? because I checked him on his aggression and pretty much what could have been considered assault of his girl (friend) on the bus. After we exchanged words, a tiny part of me […]

The ROM attempts to dive back Into the Heart OF AFRICA… 25 years later

25 years ago neither Canada or the Royal Ontario Museum (the ROM) were thoughts on my mind. I was still in high school on a beautiful hot island in the Caribbean, weaving my way through teenage angst and crashing head first into first loves and hormonal changes. 25 years ago however, in the largest city […]

An Awesome Journey in a Paradise of Injustice

I am somewhat embarrassed and ashamed that this is only my second post on this blog.  In a way though, it is appropriate since my first post featured Haiti – the other half of the land mass that many do not realise is also called Hispaniola. As I ponder what I am going to write, I […]

Bridges to Kilimanjaro-

Since deciding to take on Kilimanjaro I have read quite a bit on what should be done in advance to getting there. One of the biggest doubts that tend to plague me about this journey is whether I will have the endurance and the stamina to do the climb. Having read a few blogs and […]